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K2v1-4 = Kerr's First/Second/Third/Fourth Collections of Merry Melodies  (More Info)
K2v5 = Kerr's Caledonian Collection  (More Info)
K2v6 = Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
K2v7 = Kerr's Collection of Reels and Strathspeys
K2v8 = Kerr's Violin Instructor and Irish Folk-Song Album
K2v9 = Kerr's Thistle Collection
K2v10 = Kerr's Modern Dance Album
DMI = O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland (Chicago 1905)
Emmerson = George S Emmerson, Scotland Through her Country Dances

All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 2nd December 2002

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Title Key Book   Notes
A' the Way to Galloway G K2v3p10 This tune has been called Ciorsdan Mhor (or Big Kirsty), and Miss Stewart Bun Rannoch. In Ireland it's been called Slash Away the Pressing Gang or Flash Away The Press Gang and, as a 2/4 polka, The Kerry Cow. Breathnach also gives the following names: An Bealach ar fad go Gaillimh, The Galway Girls (Aird), All the way from Gallaway, Sarsfield March, The March of the Tribes to Galway. Recordings: The Chieftains 3.
Alexandra Park A K2v4p6 There is an Alexandra Park in Glasgow; in the book this reel immediately follows the strathspey Riddrie, another Glasgow area near to Alexandra Park, so it's likely that the pair of them were specially composed for the collection.
Alley Crocker/Ally Croker D
Bruce Olson: This was a song said to have been written by Larry Grogan after one Ally (Alicia) Croker, and there are single sheet editions from c 1730. Grogan was a gentleman piper of Wexford, Ireland during the early 18th century. Sam Foote for 'An Englishman in Paris', 1753, changed it to Ally Croaker, which was then dubbed 'A New Song'.
Ambulree G K2v2p16 Aka Amulree.
American, The G K2v4p13
Anna Is My Darling A K2v2p5 By Capt Fraser
Annie Is My Darling A K2v1p32 By Capt Fraser
Apple Tree, The A K2v2p5 By Carl Volti (biog)
Apples in Winter Dm K2v1p34
Argyle Bowling Green C K2v2p12 Possibly refers to an area in Argyll known as Ardgoil - "promontary of the Gael" - facetiously called "Argyll's Bowling Green" (Emmerson).
Arkansas Traveller D
"Country dance"; American
Athole Brose D K2v2p17 Aka The Dogs Among the Bushes (DMI), Brandlings and Buckingham House. Commonly attributed to the late 18th century fiddler Abraham MacIntosh (Whistlebinkies). Recordings: Whistlebinkies 5 (1988)
Athole's Bonny Lasses G K2v3p7 By J S Robertson (biog)
Auld Wife Ayont the Fire G K2v2p14
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Babes in the Wood G K2v1p22
This is Timour the Tarter
Back of the Change House D K2v1p22 "Country dance"; probably Irish
Bag of Praties, The D K2v1p4
Bailie Nicol Jarvie F K2v3p19
Ballochmyle Brig A K2v3p11 By A McAlpine. There is an accompanying strathspey (K2v3p11).
Balmullo House D K2v9p2 By R F Crowe
Banks of Avonmore, The G K2v1p35 Irish. Aka The Avonmore and The Blackwater.
Bardon Mill A K2v9p3 By Addie Harper, Wick
Beaufort Castle A K2v2p7 This came from SFC.
Because He Was a Bonny Lad A K2v2p4 Aka The Bonnie Boy (DMI). Recordings: Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Belfast Chicken D K2v4p19
Belles of Amaha, The Bm K2v2p27 Irish. Aka The Morning Star and The Belles of Omaha.
Belles of Omaha, The Bm K2v6p32 Irish. Aka The Morning Star.
Belles of Tipperary, The D K2v2p29 Irish
Bill Ewan's Reel A K2v9p4 By J Crawford
Bill May of Boddam A K2v9p6 By I Munro
Biodag Ain M'Omish A K2v1p18
Aka Brodach Ain M'Omish and Biodag Air Mac Thomais.
Black But Comely D K2v2p18
Black-Haired Lass, The G K2v8p33 ?Irish
Blair Athole C K2v3p17
Blair Drummond A K2v1p16
Bob of Fettercairn, The D K2v1p24 This is played in Shetland under the title Kail and Knockit Coarn.
Bob With the One Horn D K2v1p24 An Irish version of the Scots tune The Ewie Wi' the Crookit Horn, which can also be found in Ireland under the names The Flowers of Limerick and Cronin's Fancy (DMI).
Bonnie Annie Am K2v2p9
Bonnie Dundee A K2v4p4 This is the common 6/8 song air transposed into a reel.
Bonnie Kate D K2v1p39
An alternative title in both K2v1p39 and DMI is The Boys of Limerick. Originally this was a reel by Scots fiddler/composer Donald Dow and entitled The Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow.
Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow C K2v3p14 By Donald Dow. Aka Bonnie Kate and The Boys of Limerick. Recordings: Angus Chisholm, Early Recordings (1978)
Bottom of the Punchbowl D K2v1p26
Boys in Blue, The G K2v2p31 American?
Boys of Limerick D K2v1p39
In DMI as Bonnie Kate. Originally The Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow by Scots fiddler/composer Donald Dow.
Braes of Dumblane, The G K2v2p32
In K6 it says "by J M". Aka Kiss Your Partner (DMI).
Braes of Gleniffer, The C K2v6p32 "by J M"
Braes of Marr, The D K2v2p17
Brandlings A K2v3p13
Bridge of Garry, The A K2v2p5
Brig o' Tilt D K2v2p18
Brodag Ain McOmish A K2v7p15
Bucks of Cranmore D K2v4p9
The Irish reel goes under the name of The Bucks of Oranmore. Other names are The Bucks of Carranmore and The Hearty Bucks. Brendean Breathnach thought the tune might be originally Scottish.
Bucks o' Dromore D K2v3p4 1H3H2H6 1H3H2H4H
Bundle of Straw, The Em K2v4p20 This has many different names including The Lowlands of Scotland; The Hare's Foot; Jim Kennedy's Favourite; Kennedy's Favourite; Hare's Paw, and so on.
Bush in Blossom, The G K2v4p15 Called The Bush in Bloom in O'Neill's. The first part of this tune is very like the Irish reel The Morning Star.
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Caber Feidh C K2v1p14
Aka Cabar Feidh, Caper Fey. In Ireland this is found under several names, most commonly The Old Copperplate and Rakish Paddy (DMI). Recordings: Tannahill Weavers, IV (1981)
Cashmere Shawl, The Am K2v4p17 This tune appears in O'Neill's.
Cairding O't, The A K2v2p3 This tune appears in Aird's Selection (1788) under the name Salt Fish and Dumplings. It has appeared as a pipe march, a reel, and an air to the words Come Taste the Cup. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976)
Cairngorum D K2v1p13 Aka Lucy Campbell and Cheap Meal (K2v1p12).
Calver Lodge D K2v1p29
Cameronian, The G K2v4p16 This is not related to The Cameronian Rant or The Cameronian Reel in O'Neill's. Rather it seems to be a version of The Barmaid, aka Judy's Reel.
Cameronian Rant, The G K2v1p4 Aka Shirra Muir after being used for a humorous song.
Captain Byng G K2v2p14 By Nathaniel Gow (biog). Aka Col. Byng.
Captain Francis Wemyss Delight C K2v3p18
Captain Keeler Gm K2v1p13
Captain Kelly's Reel G
Captain McDuff A K2v2p20 By Donald Dow (or Daniel Dow).
Captain Ross A K2v3p14
Catch and Kiss the Romp C K2v3p16
Cauld Kail C K2v3p18
Charlie D K2v4p3
Charlie Stuart D K2v2p17 Aka Welcome, Charlie Stuart, You're Welcome, Charlie Stuart, and Welcome, Charlie Stewart.
Charming Katy A K2v2p33
Cheap Meal D K2v1p10 Aka Lucy Campbell and Cairngorum (K2v1p13).
Claymore Reel G K2v9p7 By A Cameron
Clean Pea Strae D K2v1p10
Aka Pea Strae and Clean Pease Strae. Recordings: Various, Fiddle Me Jig (c1978); Whistlebinkies 3 (1981); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976)
Clean Pease Strae D K2v7p7 Aka Pea Strae and Clean Pea Strae.
Clydesdale Lasses F K2v1p14
Coire An Lochan Am K2v9p8 By D Muir
Colher's Reel D K2v4p19
Colonel D K2v4p19
Come To Your Tay D K2v2p31 Irish. In DMI as The Sailor's Jacket.
Cookie Shine F K2v3p20
Corn Cutter, The C K2v2p13 by Mr Bernard
Corn Rigs D K2v7p16 Recordings: The Clutha, Scots Ballads... (1974); Ossian, Seal Song (1981); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Corn Riggs D K2v1p24
Count D'Artois C K2v3p15
Countess of Sutherland Bb K2v3p20 By George Jenkins. Aka Lady Hamilton
Country Dance A K2v1p21 One of several vague nomenclatures in the Kerr's collections.
5321 5321
Country Lasses Bb K2v3p20
Crarae D K2v3p6 351H1H 3H4H2H6
Crieff Meeting, The A K2v3p14
Cross of Inverness, The G K2v3p7 This has been found as The Blue Water Quadrille, as played by Larry Older, a fiddler from New York State.
Cruiskeen Lawn, The Am K2v8p34 Irish
Cuckoo's Nest D K2v5p15 Irish
Cuffe Street G K2v4p13
Culag Pier D K2v9p9 By Addie Harper, Wick
Cullen House D K2v1p17
Cup of Tay, The Am K2v2p25 Irish
Curly Haired Laddie, The G K2v6p27 [Parnell's etc]
Currant Bush, The Bb K2v3p22
Cutty Clay F K2v4p18
Cutty Sark G K2v1p8
Cuttyman and Treladle A K2v1p18
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Daft Willie Dawson D K2v3p5 There is also a strathspey version of this tune (K2v3p5). 315L1 3131
Darling of the Uist Lasses D K2v2p19
Deil Among the Tailors A K2v1p6
There was a skittles game called Deil Among the Tailors.
Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Ideal Music (1977); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Golden Fiddle Awards Pt.2 (1976)
Deil Among the Tailors G K2v7p11
Delvin Side II D K2v4p10
Devil's Dream, The A K2v4p6 This tune is certainly related to Deil Amang Tailors, but what the relationship is is not clear.
Disapointed Coquette, The D K2v1p41 Irish
Donald MacDonald's Fancy Bb K2v9p10 By J MacFarlane
Donald MacGugan's Rant D K2v2p18 Aka Port Dhomhnaill Mhic Guthagain (Gesto Collection).
Donald Quaich C K2v2p9
Donegall Boys G K2v6p39 Irish
Donna's Reel A K2v9p11 By A H Gray
Doon the Water A K2v4p6 A Glasgow expression meaning down the River Clyde. In Victorian times thousands of Glaswegians took their summer holidays in resorts along the west coast of Scotland, so when they said they were going "doon the watter", that's what they meant.
Doun the Burnie C K2v3p16
Draw the Sword, Scotland G K2v1p24
Drive Home the Mainlnders Bm K2v4p12
Drogheda Lasses D K2v4p8
Drowsy Maggie Em K2v4p12 Although it shares the same key as the Irish reel called Drowsy Maggie, this tune bears little resemblance.
Drummer, The Am K2v7p8 Aka The Piper o' Dundee. Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976)
Drummers, The Am K2v1p8 Aka The Piper o' Dundee.
Dublin Girls, The D K2v4p20 Irish.
Dublin Lasses, The Em K2v4p20 Irish. Not the Dublin Lasses in O'Neill's; O'Neill called this tune Murtough Molloy, and it has also been called Tie the Ribbons and The Rover.
Duke of Buccleuch, The Bb K2v4p18
Duke of Perth G K2v1p11
Recordings: Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Magic (1992); Dundee S&R Soc (1981)
Duncan Gray D K2v3p42 "Country dance". Recordings: Strings of Scotland (1975)
Dundee A K2v4p4
Dunderave A K2v3p10
Duniquaich G K2v3p8 By Carl Volti (biog)
Dunse Dings A' A K2v2p3 Aka Mr Sharpe's Favourite.
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Earl of Dalhousie I D K2v1p13
Earl of Dalkeith F K2v2p21
Earl of Lauderdale G K2v1p11
Earl Marischal F K2v2p21
East Neuk of Fife G K2v1p23 "Country dance"
Easter Elchies F K2v3p19
Eight O' Clock Train A K2v4p5 This is a version of the Irish reel The Star of Munster.
Eileen Alanna G K2v2p33 ?Irish
Elizabeth Graham Of Walk Mill D K2v9p12 By I Holmes
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Fair Wind to Greenland, A A K2v4p5 Turned up as an untitled reel in CRE4
Fairy Dance D K2v1p10
By Nathaniel Gow (biog). Gow was commissioned to write a couple of pieces for the Fife Hunt. This reel and another tune, The Fairies Advance, made up Largo's Fairy Dance [ABC]. Recordings: Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Ideal Music (1977); Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow; Silly Wizard, Silly Wizard (1976); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Golden Fiddle Awards Pt.2 (1976)
Farewell, But Whenever G K2v8p28 Irish
Farnie House G K2v4p14
Feargan C K2v2p9
Fife Hunt, The C K2v1p14 By William Gow
Fight About the Fireside C K2v2p11
Fill the Stoup A K2v2p6
Fisher's Wedding F K2v3p19
Flagon, The G K2v2p16 Known in Ireland as The Floggin' Reel.
Flirtation Reel G K2v6p46
Flowers of Edinburgh G K2v1p23 "Country dance" Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1980); Various, Scottish Fiddlers to the Fore (1970)
Flora MacDonald Em K2v1p5 Recordings: Sprangeen (1984)
Four Posted Bed, The D K2v1p46
Fox Chased, The A K2v4p21 Irish
Fun of the Fair, The Am K2v4p21 Irish
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Gaberlunzie, The F K2v3p20
Gallacher's Best Em K2v4p20 Irish. This tune is best known as The Pigeon on the Gate, but it is known by many other names, such as League and Slasher; Reidy's Reel; The Athol Braes; The Scotch Braes; The Drinking Reel; The Drunken Tailor; Pigeon on the Pier; The Wandering Tinker; Lagan Slashers; etc. The Pigeon on the Gale found in K2v4p14 is a different tune.
Galway Reel D K2v4p19 Irish
General Drummond G K2v4p14 Aka Miss Plaudy.
Geordie Jack Eb K2v3p22 By Carl Volti (biog)
Gin I had a Bonnie Lass Gm K2v2p23 Aka Gin I had a Bonnie Lass, Little Sheep Wad Sair Me (Gesto Collection), and The North Loch (Bremner)
Ginnie Pin Your Bonnet.. G K2v4p12
Girls of Our Town, The D K2v4p11
Glenburnie Rant Em K2v1p5
Glenburnie Rant Em K2v7p8
Glenlivet Am K2v1p24
Not to be confused with the Scott Skinner composition of the same name. Recordings: Whistlebinkies 3 (1981)
Glenlivet Am K2v7p13
Glen Lyon C K2v1p10 Aka Glen Lyon's Piper.
Glen Ogle D K2v1p24
Glen Tilt Lodge A K2v4p5 For a Strathspey version, see K2v3p14 (Ca' the Wethers to the Hill).
Golden Gate, The G K2v2p31 American. By Frank Livingston.
Gourock Bay II A K2v4p5
Green Fields of America G K2v1p41
Irish. Aka Judy Brallaghan (K2v1p41) and Charming Molly Brallaghan (DMI)..
Green Fields of Erin Am K2v1p35
In DMI as The Green Groves of Erin and aka Gay Fellow's Favourite, this tune has Scottish origins in a tune called Miss Stewart, Grantully.
Green Grows the Rashes O G K2v2p14 Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1976)
Gregg's Pipes G K2v4p16 Sometimes known in Ireland as Craig's Pipes.
Groom in his Suit, The G K2v4p20 Irish
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Haggis, The C K2v2p11 By Capt Fraser
Haggs Castle D K2v2p19 By Carl Volti (biog)
Hare Among the Heather G K2v4p16
Hare's Foot, The Em K2v1p35 This has many different names including The Lowlands of Scotland; The Bundle of Straw; Jim Kennedy's Favourite; Kennedy's Favourite; Hare's Paw, and so on.
Haud the Lass... D K2v4p8 ...Till I Come At Her
Heathery Breeze, The G K2v4p15 A three-part version is in O'Neill's as The Heather Breeze.
Hey for the Hieland Body A K2v7p14 ?
Hielan' Brochan G K2v3p10
High Road to Linton A
Sometimes known as Jenny's Gone to Linton in England, and in Norfolk, The High Road to Lynn. In Ireland, Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Races (DMI), High Way to Linton (Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh) Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980); Ron Gonella, Scottish Violin Music (1966); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards Pt.2 (1976)
Highland Black Laddie A K2v4p4
Highland Laddie D K2v1p21 "Country dance"
Highland Rant K2v4p18
Highlander's Knee Buckle D K2v4p4
Highlandman Kissed His Mother, The Am K2v1p7 This is related to many tunes, especially in Ireland (The Gravel Walks for one). Found in Ryan's Mammoth Collection as The Jolly Seven. Recordings: Boys of the Lough, The Piper's Broken Finger (1976) (as The Highland Man That Kissed His Grannie)
Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad A K2v2p6 Aka Hoch Hey Johnny Lad, etc. There is a song to this tune by Robert Tannahill. Kate Dunlay also notes that it's found in Neil Stewart's collection of 1762 as The Lasses of the Ferry.
Honble Miss Rollo, The G K2v3p3
Honey Moon G K2v2p33 ?Irish
Honeymoon, The D K2v2p17 By James Young
House of Achluncart, The C K2v2p13
Humours of Ballyconnell D K2v4p19 Irish. According to The Boys of the Lough, "The Humours of Ballyconnell is the local Fermanagh name for a reel more generally known as Captain Rock".
PV: It's certainly an old tune...I've found [it] in print [in] Daniel Wright's 'Aria di Camera' (1927), where it is entitled Role the Rumple Sawny, apparently meaning Roll your Rump, Sandy. The first instance I know of for the "Ballyconnell" title is on the 78 recording by Michael Coleman and Tom Morrison, where it's spelled Humors of Bally Connoll. On this 1925 recording, the musicians follow it with Captain Rock, better known today as The Old Bush.
AK: Humours of Ballyconnell is itself called Captain Rock in Flaherty's collection. Is there a confusion of titles stemming from the Coleman recording?
Recordings: Boys of the Lough, The Piper's Broken Finger (1976)
Humours of Ennistymon D K2v4p20 This is a version of the Scots reel Miss Lyall, and can also be found as Paddy Ryan's Dream (DMI).
Hurdle Race, The A K2v2p8 By James Fraser. Recordings: Angus Cameron, Strings to the Bow (1977)
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I'll Break Your Head For You Bb K2v3p21
I'll Gang Nae Mair To Yon Toun F K2v2p21 Aka I'll Ay Ca' In By Yon Toon (Heritage). Recordings: Heritage, When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1980); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984); Dundee S&R Soc (1981)
I'm Owre Young G K2v1p9 Aka I'm Owre (or Ower) Young to Marry Yet.
Inver Lasses A K2v1p3 Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow; Scottish Fiddlers, Kelvin Hall II (1976)
Inver Lasses G K2v6p44 By J S Kerr
Inveraray Cross D K2v3p6 By Carl Volti (biog). 1H3H61H 5531
Irish Reel I D K2v2p27 Irish. Aka Within a Mile of Dublin.
Irish Reel II Em K2v2p27 Irish
Irish Reel III F K2v2p32 Irish. Sounds like a version of The Teetollar, or Temperance Reel.
Irish Reel IV Em K2v2p32 This reel is also found in K2v4p14 as The Lowlands of Scotland, and in O'Neill's as Jim Kennedy's Favourite, with the alternative titles of Hare's Foot and The Lowlands of Scotland. Lesl Harker knows it as Hare's Paw.
Irish Reel V D K2v8p22 Irish. This is Bonnie Kate.
Irishman's Return from America, The Am K2v1p35 Irish. Aka The Irishman in America. By J McConnel.
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Jack Lattin A K2v3p13
Jasses O' Stewarton, The D K2v3p5 Clearly a typographical mistake: the tune is called The Lasses O' Stewarton. 3H2H1H1H 3155
Jenny Dang the Weaver D K2v1p6
Said to have been composed in 1746 by an Aberdeenshire minister who had seen his wife setting about his handyman, a rather lazy weaver, for refusing to clean his master's shoes. In fact the tune had been published at least twenty years previously.
Recordings:Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975)
Jenny Geddes Bb K2v4p18
Jenny Latin D K2v4p10 This has a few similarities with Jack Lattin
Jenny Nettles Am K2v1p9
Recordings: The Battlefield Band, At the Front (1978); Sprangeen (1984)
Jenny's Bawbee D K2v1p4
Aka Molly Put the Kettle On (DMI).
Jessie Ralston's reel D K2v2p20 By Hugh Dunlop
John Cheap the Chapman Bb K2v1p13
John Howats Reel D K2v2p20 By Hugh Dunlop. Download ABC
Johnny Groat's House C K2v3p15 Aka John O'Groat's House.
Johnnie Lad Em K2v1p10
Johnny Lad G K2v6p20
Johnnie's Made a Wedding O't G K2v3p7
Jolly Clamdiggers, The D K2v2p33 Irish. In DMI it's also called The Lame Fisherman.
Jolly Tinker, The Em K2v1p34
Judy Brallaghan G K2v1p41
Irish. Aka Green Fields of America, Charming Molly Brallaghan and Judy Brannagan.
Judy's Reel D K2v2p25 Irish. Aka The Barmaid.
Jumping Geordie G K2v3p9
Other names for this tune have been The Prince of Wales' Fancy, and in Ireland, The Pope's Toe and The Templeglantine Reel.
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Kate Dalrymple A K2v1p24
There is a song to this tune with the same name. This tune was Jimmy Shand's theme tune, and the theme for Radio Scotland's popular 'Take the Floor' programme. Recordings: Various, Fiddle Me Jig (c1978); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Ideal Music (1977); Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1975); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976)
Keel Row, The A
Keep It Up G K2v6p45
Keep the Country, Bonny Lassie A K2v2p4
Ken Duncan's Reel D K2v9p13 By I Munro
Kilt is My Delight, The D K2v5p10 Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976)
King's, The C K2v2p9 Aka The King's Reel.
Kirsty Macfarlane D K2v4p8 By Carl Volti (biog)
Kissing Is Best Of A' G K2v3p10
Kittle Cattle Bb K2v3p21
Kitty in the Lane D K2v1p34 Irish
Kitty Robertson G K2v4p14
Knock Him Down Susie D K2v4p11 Known as a Strathspey called Cut Him Down Susie or Cut Him Down Shusie or even Susie (Cut Him Down).
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Lads of Foss, The D K2v2p18 Aka The Merry Lads of Foss. Foss is a village on the shore of Loch Tummell. Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1975)
Lads of Leith, The Em K2v4p13 Known in Ireland as Lads of Laois, this reel has also been known as Sir Adam Ferguson's Reel (Riddell's Collection)
Lady Betty Cochrane C K2v2p13
Lady Charlotte Campbell 3 Bb K2v2p23 By Robert McIntosh
Lady Glenorchy A K2v2p6 Aka Lady Glenorchy's Reel by Duncan McKercher.
Lady Harriet Hope F K2v1p14 In O'Neill's Music of Ireland as Monday Morning. Jackie Daley recorded it as Victory Reel, but Breathnach changed the title to Inion Mhic Dhonaill (Miss McDonald's Reel) for some reason. In Scotland it's also known as Miss Hope, and it's found in Ryan's as Lady Forbes.
Lady Jane Neville G K2v2p15 By William Marshall
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday Bb K2v2p23 This is found in Ryan's/Cole's as Lady Elgin's Courtship.
Lady Margaret Stewart D K2v3p6 513b5 5424
Lady Maria Dundas F K2v4p18
Lady Mary Stopford D K2v3p4 51H53 6542
Lady Montgomery Bb K2v1p17 Recordings: Fiddles Galore (1976)
Lady Terfichen G K2v4p15
Lamberton Races F K2v4p21 Irish
Lang Syne G K2v3p9 This is a reel version of Auld Lang Syne. There is also a strathspey version (K2v3p9).
Largo Law A K2v3p12
Lass O' Patie's Mill, The D K2v1p21 "Country dance"
Lasses Fashion, The A K2v2p8 Aka Haud Awa' frae Me Donald, and in Ireland Boil the Breakfast Early and Court Her Along the Road( both DMI). Recordings: Jock Tamson's Bairns, The Lasses Fashion (1982)
Lasses Like Nae Brandy A K2v2p5
Lasses O' Stewarton, The D K2v3p5 Actually titled The "Jasses" O' Stewarton, clearly a typographical mistake.
Last Night's Fun G K2v2p25 Irish
Lea Rig, The A K2v2p7
Aka My Ain Kind Dearie.
Leggetts Reel Em K2v1p34 Irish
Lennox Love to Blantyre Dm K2v3p18
Limber Up G K2v2p27 ?Irish
Little Bag of Potatoes, The Am K2v4p19 Irish
Loch Earn G K2v1p8
By Nathaniel Gow (biog). Recordings: Ron Gonella, Crieff Hydro (1981)
Loch Fyne G K2v3p8 By Carl Volti (biog)
Loch Glassie D K2v1p17
Loch Leven Castle Am K2v1p11
In Ireland this is called Tom Graney Castle and Tuaimgreine Castle Recordings: Ron Gonella, Scottish Violin Music (1966); Sprangeen (1984); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Loch Rynach G K2v2p16 [Lochrynach]
Lochiel's Rant I G K2v1p9 Aka Lochiel's Awa to France, and On the Sly (DMI).
Lord Dalhousie D K2v2p17
Lord Drummond D K2v3p6 51H65 6622
Lord Kingarth Am K2v4p17 A reel version of The Haughs of Cromdale.
Lord Macdonald I G K2v1p10
By Alexander Macdonald. In Shetland this is known as Slanty Gart. Recordings: Boys of the Lough, First Album (1973)
Lord Saltoun A K2v1p16 Aka Lord Saltoun's Reel.
Lorraine's Fancy A K2v9p14 By T Ford
Lowe's Reel A K2v3p12 By John Cumming
Lowlands of Scotland, The G K2v4p14 Found in DMI as Jim Kennedy's Favourite with the alternative titles Hare's Foot and The Lowlands of Scotland. Lesl Harker knows it as Hare's Paw, while Andrew Kuntz reports it as Roga Seamus Uí Ceinneidig, The Bundle of Straw, Follow Me to Carlow, The Tralee Lasses, and The Silvermines.
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MacGregor's Gathering D K2v4p9 This has a vague similarity to Over the Hills and Far Away
Maggie's Apron Bb K2v3p22
Major Mole Am K2v2p9
Original title Major Molle by Andrew Gow. Aka Major Malley.
Recordings: Battlefield Band, Home Is Where the Van Is (1980)
Major Stewart G K2v3p8 Aka Major L Stewart. Recordings: Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Mammy's Pet C K2v1p35 Irish. Called Downing's Reel in DMI.
Market Chorus D K2v1p22 "Country dance"
Marry Me Now C K2v1p7 Aka I Wish You Would Marry Me Now (Bremner).
Marquis of Queensbeery C K2v2p11
Marquis of Tullybardine A K2v1p12
Found in DMI as The Maids of Tulla. Recordings: Tannahill Weavers (1979); Golden Fiddle Awards (1980)
Mary of Castlecary C K2v1p18 This is a 4/4 version of the tune known as Adew Dundee, or Bonny Dundee, usually in 3/8 or 6/8.
Mason's Apron, The A K2v1p23
A very popular tune in Scotland and Ireland, this is most probably Scots in origin. It is found as Miss Carberrys Reel in a MS collection of tunes compiled between 1800-02; in O'Farrell's Pocket Companion (1804-16) as Miss Hope's Favorite - Scotch.
The 19th century fiddler Duncan McKerracher used to put on his own mason's apron before playing this tune as an encore. Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Golden Fiddle Awards Pt.2 (1976)
Meg Merrilees A K2v1p23 "Country dance"
Merry Go-Round, The Am K2v1p30
Merry Lads of Ayr, The C K2v2p11 Aka The Merry Lads of Air. Recordings: Various, Atlantic Fiddles (Dave MacIsaac)
Merry May the Pair Be A K2v3p13
Mill Burn, The A K2v3p11
Miss Amelia Eliphant Gask D K2v3p5 I think the actuall title is Miss Amelia Oliphant (Gask's). Recordings: Ron Gonella, Crieff Hydro (1981)
Miss Baird of Saughton F K2v2p22 Aka Miss Baird of Saughtonhall. Composed by Nathaniel Gow (biog). [ABC]
Miss Betsy Robertson G K2v2p15 Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1976)
Miss Betty Hunter C K2v2p13
Miss Brady Em K2v1p34 Irish. Aka Considine's Grove (DMI).
Miss Brander Dm K2v4p18
Miss Bruce G K2v3p7
Miss Charlotte Anne Lowe F K2v2p22
Miss Charlotte Campbell Bb K2v2p23 By William McLeish
Miss Crawford's Reel A K2v1p15 By A McAlpin
Miss Dumbreck Bb K2v1p13
Miss Elphenstone II D K2v3p5 1H1H31H 2H2H72H
Miss Falconer Am K2v3p18
Miss Forbes C K2v2p12
Miss Gibson I Bb K2v2p23
Miss Graham D K2v3p5 Recordings: The Battlefield Band, Home Is Where the Van Is (1980)
The Battlefield Band actually play this tune in D minor.
1353 6552
Miss Gunning's Fancy Reel A K2v2p31 By William Marshall. Aka The Contradiction Reel (DMI).
Miss Hay D K2v1p14 Aka Miss Hay of Yester.
Miss Henny McKenzie C K2v3p17
Miss Hope D K2v4p9
Miss Jessie Scott D K2v2p18
Miss Johnston G K2v1p10
By Mrs Robertson. This reel is found in Irish collections.
Miss Johnston Robinson A K2v3p14
Miss McLean Bb K2v3p21
Miss McLeod of Rosses D K2v4p9 This sounds Irish, but I haven't identified it yet.
Miss Maria Dundas G K2v2p15
Miss Maule of Panmure C K2v3p16
Miss Menzies of Culdare A K2v1p15 Aka Miss Menzies of Culdares
Miss Nisbet of Dirleton C K2v2p10 By Nathaniel Gow (biog)
Miss Preston Fernton D K2v3p4 5531H 2362
Miss Proud G K2v4p13
Miss Rolo, The Hon. D K2v3p3
Miss Rose of Tirlogie A K2v2p6
Miss Scott of Usan F K2v2p22
Miss Stewart, Fasnacloich A K2v1p16
Miss Stewart of Garth F K2v3p20
Miss Stewart Robertson F K2v3p19 Aka Miss Stewart Robertson of Edradynate.
Miss Taylor C K2v3p15
Miss Travers G K2v4p20 Irish
Miss Wedderburn A K2v1p15 This can be found as a Strathspey under the name The Burn O' Craigie (by Old Blinds Dogs, for example)
Miss Welsh F K2v4p21 Irish
Miss Whiteford Bb K2v3p21
Miss Wright of Laton D K2v3p3 1H535 2427bL
Miss Wright G K2v3p10
Moggy on the Shore D K2v4p10
Molleen a Wadd G K2v8p33 Irish
Molly Darling A K2v4p21 Irish
Molly's Night Cap Am K2v4p19 Irish
Monaghan Twig D K2v4p20 Irish. Also known as The Tinker's Apron.
Moray Club, The D K2v2p19 Recordings: The Battlefield Band, At the Front (1978)
Morning Star, The Bm K2v6p32 Irish. Aka Belles of Amaha (K2v2p27), Belles of Omaha and Belles of Omagh (DMI).
Morning Star, The II G K2v8p31
Moving Bog D K2v4p11 Found in DMI as Courting Them All with the alternative titles of Bashful Bachelor and Don't Bother Me.
Mr Compton of Compton Hall A K2v2p5
Mr Gibson Bb K2v3p22
Mr Gray of Carse C K2v3p15
Mr James Trotter A K2v2p7 by James McIntosh
Mr Thomas Burt A K2v3p13 By Carl Volti (biog)
Mrs Brodie Sheriff of Battlebent's G K2v2p20 By G Rankin
Mrs Douglas Moncrieff G K2v3p7
Mrs Douglas of Ednam A K2v2p6
Mrs Dundas McQueen A K2v2p8
Mrs Dundas of Arniston C K2v2p13 By William Gow
Mrs Forbes A K2v2p4
Mrs Francis Wemyss D K2v3p3
Mrs General Maxwell C K2v2p13 Aka Mrs General Maxwell of Parkhill (in Athole Collection).
Mrs MacKenzie of Applecross II A K2v3p12 By Joseph Lowe. There is an accompanying starthspey of the same name (K2v3p11).
Mrs McLeod A K2v1p5
Full title Mrs McLeod of Raasay. Niel Gow said in his Fifth Collection that he got it from Mr Mcleod of Raasay who described it as "an original Isle of Skye reel". Aka Miss McCloud's, Enterprising Boxer (DMI).. Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Various, Melodeon Greats (1978); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Ideal Music (1977); Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); The Clutha, Scots Ballads... (1974); Sprangeen (1984); Tannahill Weavers, IV (1981); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards Pt.2 (1976)
Mrs Moneypenny C K2v2p12
Mrs Moray of Abercairny II D K2v2p19 By Nathaniel Gow (biog).
Mrs Morthland C K2v2p10
Mrs Muir McKenzie C K2v3p16
Mrs Webster D K2v3p6 3b53b1 2427bL
Mulindhu, The G K2v1p7 Aka The Black Snuffmill. Recordings: Jock Tamson's Bairns (1980).
My Heather Hills D K2v1p26
My Love is But a Lassie Yet D K2v1p22 "Country dance". Recordings: Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Magic (1992); Heritage, When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1980); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984); Strings of Scotland (1975); Dundee S&R Soc (1981)
My Love is in America D K2v1p35 Irish. Aka Dandy Apron (DMI).
My Love is On the Ocean D K2v4p11 Found in DMI as The Threepenny Bit, but in the key of G.
My Wee Fiddle D K2v4p7
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New Brig o' Ayr, The F K2v3p18
New Wedding, The G K2v6p36 Irish
Nimble Fingers C K2v6p26
Nine Pint Coggie, The Em K2v3p9 Based on an earlier tune, The Collier's Daughter.
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O She's Coming A K2v2p3 Aka O She's Comical.
O'er Bogie C K2v2p11 Aka O'er Bogie Wi' My Love.
O'er the Hills and Far Away D K2v1p26
O'er the Muir Amang the Heather G K2v2p14 Aka Aldivalloch.
Old Bog Hole A K2v2p14 "Country dance". Related to the American tune Turkey In the Straw, the tune of which was known as a song, Old Zip Coon, and before that a tune called Natchez Under the Hill (it's also been called Matches Under the Hill). The earliest printing of Natchez... is 1838, although according to Mark Wilson, the tune had been mentioned twenty years earlier.
Old Grey Cat, The Em K2v1,28 Charles Gore: The Old Grey Cat was Sean Liath, an Irish Cat. It...wasn't published in the printed music of Scotland until the 1880s, then only as an Irish Reel.
Oor Guid Wife C K2v3p16
Oor Wullie C K2v9p15 By Bill Murray
Opera Reel D K2v4p9
Ould Mike Am K2v4p21 Irish
Oyster River, The G K2v1p41
Irish. PV: Played as a polka called St Mary's in the north of Ireland. Paddy Killoran recorded it as Gurteen Cross.
Oyster Wives' Rant, The C K2v2p10
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Paddy Handly's Goose G
Paddy McGhie A K2v4p21 Irish
Paddy on the Railroad D K2v2p32 Irish. Aka The Merry Blacksmith and Policeman's Cap.
Paddy on the Railroad C K2v6p32 Irish
Paddy on the Turnpike Em K2v4p19 Irish
Parlour Reel D K2v4p10
Patronella D K2v1p22 "Country dance"; this is the tune commonly known as Petronella - this title is probably a typo.
Pea Strae D K2v1p10
Aka Clean Pea Strae and Clean Pease Strae. Recordings: Various, Fiddle Me Jig (c1978)
Peat Bog, The D K2v4p8
Peggie's Dumpling A K2v4p3 By Carl Volti (biog)
Perrie Wherrie, The G K2v2p15 Aka Perrie Werrie. Recordings: Ossian, St Kilda Wedding (1978)
Perth Assembly, The F K2v2p22
By Samson Duncan. Recordings: Ron Gonella, Scottish Violin Music (1966)
Perth Hunt, The A K2v1p8 Aka The Perthshire Hunt and The Boyne Hunt (DMI)..
Perth Hunt, The D K2v7p11
Pig Town A K2v5p16 Irish
Pig Town, The G K2v2p29
Pigeon on the Gale G K2v4p14 Should be Pigeon on the Gate, although it's nothing like the irish reel of that name in O'Neill's.
Pipe Slang, The C K2v2p9
Piper's Glass, The K2v2p9
Pipes Reel, The D K2v1p30
Pitnacree Ferryman, The D K2v1p11 Aka The Boatman of Pitnacree. Recordings: Silly Wizard, So Many Parting (1979)
Poldwilly Bridge D K2v1p24
By Alexander Walker. In Walker's Collection it's called Polduilly Bridge.
Policeman's Cap D K2v3p4 Irish. Aka The Merry Blacksmith and Paddy On the Railroad.
Poor Ould Woman, The Am K2v1p35
Irish. Shades of An tSean Bhean Bhocht (or The Shan Van Vocht, which translates as "The Poor Old Woman"), which in Scotland is known as The Brier Bush. In DMI The Poor Ould Woman is listed under the name Jerry Daly's Hornpipe.
Pottinger's Reel F K2v9p16 By Tom Anderson, Shetland
Preston Pans A K2v4p6 A village in East Lothian near Edinburgh, site of a famous battle.
Pretty Peg D K2v2p17
Recordings: Ron Gonella, Scottish Violin Music (1966); Ossian, St Kilda Wedding (1978)
Pride of the Ball, The Am K2v2p25
Prince Charlie Em K2v1p6 Aka Prince Charles.
Pullet, The Am K2v6p37 Irish
Pullet, The D K2v1p35 Irish
Push About the Jorum G K2v2p14
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Rachael Rae D K2v1p4 Recordings: Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980)
Rachel Rae D K2v7p4
Recordings: Strings of Scotland (1975)
Rakes of Mallow G
Irish. Recordings: Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977)
Rakes of Stragne, The A K2v4p20 Irish
Rantin' Highlandman, The A K2v2p7
Reel of Cluny, The A K2v3p11 By Joseph Lowe
Reel of Tulloch A K2v1p5
This tune possibly dates from the mid 16th century. It is said that a MacGregor fought a Robertson for the hand of the Laird o' Tulloch's daughter and celebrated his victory by improvising the reel on the spot. Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976)
Reilly's Reel Am K2v6p31
Rendezvous, The G K2v2p16 By Capt Fraser?
Return From India, The A K2v1p8
Rise Ye Lazy Fellow C K2v2p10 Aka Rise Ye Lazy Lubber.
Rocks of Cashell D K2v8p25 Irish
Roll Her In the Rushes D K2v4p20 Irish. Also known as The Repeal of the Union, Kate Gaynor's Fancy and The Gurtaglanna Reel
Roll Her On the Hill D
Related to Roll Her On the Mountain (DMI572) and Rolling On the Rye Grass (DMI766). Recordings: Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Rory McNab G K2v1p12
Rose Tree, The D K2v1p21 "Country dance". This tune can be found in the Gow collections as The Old Lea Rigg. Recordings: Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Magic (1992); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984); Dundee S&R Soc (1981)
Round the World G K2v1p35 Irish
Rover G K2v4p15
Roving Bachelor, The G K2v6p8 "by G F"
Ryan's Rant Am K2v4p17
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Salamanca, The D K2v4p8
Sandy Is My Darling C K2v3p18
Sandy O'er the Lea D K2v1p9
Scholar, The D K2v1p34 Irish
She's Sweetest When She Smiles F K2v2p22
Sheep Shanks A K2v3p12
Sir David Davidson of Cantray D K2v3p4 By John Lowe
Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975)
1H3H76 5327
Sir David Hunter Blair F K2v1p17
Sir Robert Peel Bb K2v2p23
Sir Ronald McDonald Bb K2v3p22
Six Mile Bridge D K2v1p35
Irish. Found as a hornpipe in DMI called The Banks of the Ilen.
Sixpence, The A K2v8p14 Irish
Sleeping Maggie D K2v3p6 Aka Sleepy Maggie (K2v4p19). A version of this tune is called Jenny's Chickens in Ireland.
Sleepy Maggy Bm K2v4p19 Known in Ireland as Jenny's Chickens. Recordings: Whistlebinkies (1977)
Sligo Reel D K2v4p20 Actually listed as SLIGD REEL.
Sma' Coals for Nailers G K2v4p13 Or Small Coals for Nailers. Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Various, Scottish Fiddlers to the Fore (1970); Golden Fiddle Awards Pt.2 (1976)
Smith's Delight D K2v2p27
Irish. Recordings: Various, Atlantic Fiddles (Brenda Stubbert)
Smolanach A K2v3p14
Soldier's Joy D K2v1p3
Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Ideal Music (1977); Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); The Clutha, Scots Ballads... (1974); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Golden Fiddle Awards Pt.2 (1976)
Soldier's Joy, The D K2v7p6
Soldier's Return, The D K2v4p7
Aka The Mill, Mill O.
Speed the Plough A K2v1p24
Aka The Naval Pillar. Composed around 1800 by John Morehead or Muirhead. Recordings: Various, The Fiddler's Companion (1980); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Scottish Fiddlers, Kelvin Hall II (1976)
Sporting Peggy D K2v4p10
Square and Compass, The C K2v2p12
St Catherine's G K2v3p9 By A M Volti
St Kilda Wedding, The A K2v2p7 This came from the Simon Fraser Collection (1815). Recordings: Ossian, St Kilda Wedding (1978)
Staten Island D K2v1p21 "Country dance". Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1981)
Steer Kimmer G K2v4p16 Aka What's A' the Steer Kimmer.
Stewart's Rant, The A K2v1p15
Stonebyres C K2v3p17
Strachur G K2v3p8 By Carl Volti (biog)
Strawberry Beds, The G K2v1p34
Sucky Bids Me G K2v2p15
Sundrum House A K2v3p10 By Hugh Dunlop
Sweet Molly Em K2v1p6 This is called The Youngest Daughter in DMI. I have also seen it referred to as Hopetoun House (which is a large house and estate near Edinburgh). Recordings: Silly Wizard, Caledonia's Hardy Sons (1978); Sprangeen (1984); Contraband (1974 - as The Youngest Daughter).
Sweet Molly Em K2v1p6
This is a different tune from the above.
Sweet Molly Dm K2v7p9
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Tail Toddle D K2v4p10 Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.)
Tailor Tartan G K2v4p12 By A M Volti
Tarbolton Lodge Em K2v1p12
Aka Hatton Burn and The Tarbolton. This tune was popularised in the Irish tradition by the greta fiddler James Coleman, who learned it from Cape Breton musicians living in Boston. Aka Cooleen Bridge (DMI).
Teetotaller Reel, The G K2v1p34 Irish. Aka The Temperance Reel. Recordings: Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969)
Teetotaller's Reel G K2v5p15 Irish. See The Teetotaller Reel.
Terence's Ramble F K2v2p32 Irish
This Is No My Ain House D K2v1p9 Aka This Is No My Ain Lassie.
Thomson's Got a Dirk A K2v4p3
Thro' the Field G K2v1p34 Irish
Thro' the Wood of Fyvie G K2v4p16
Through the Muir She Ran F K2v2p21
Through the Wood of Favie G K2v2p14
Timour the Tarter A K2v1p18
Named after the 14th century founder of the Mogul dynasty in India. In England he was known as Tamburlaine. See also Babes In the Wood. Also known as Peter Street in Ireland. Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976)
Tom Steele D K2v8p22 "a colleague of Dan O'Connell". Brendean Breathnach calls this "a faulty version" in CRE1. Irish. Aka Cill Beathach (or Kilbaha), The Laurel Groves.
Tom Thumb D K2v7p17
Torry Burn Lasses G K2v1p23
"Country dance"; aka Torryburn Lasses; Torry Burn. Can be found in O'Neill's DMI as Tady's Wattle and Comely Jane Downing.
Town Crier, The Am K2v4p17
Trip It Upstairs G K2v2p32 Irish
Triplet Hornpipe G K2v2p38
Triumph A K2v1p21 "Country dance"
Tullymet Hall C K2v2p10 By John Gow.
Twin Katy's Reel G K2v2p29 Irish
Tynecastle Park G K2v9p18 By D Finlay
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Uist Lasses Darling, The D K2v2p19
Up An' Waur Them A' Willie G K2v3p8 There is also a Strathspey version of this tune (K2v3p8).
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Vale of Leven A K2v4p3 By Carl Volti (biog)
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Wandering Tinker, The D K2v1p13
Wandering Tinker C K2v2p12
Wedding, The G K2v1p34 Irish.
Wedding Ring, The Gm K2v3p21
Wee Bit Cogie A K2v4p4 This sounds like a reel version of Monymusk.
Wee Cup of Tea, A C K2v3p17
Welcome, Charlie Stewart D K2v1p6 Aka Queensberry House (Bremner), The Confederacy (Walsh's Caledonian Country Dances), and Glen Morisone's Reel (Cumming's Collection).
Welcome, Charlie Stuart D K2v2p17 Originally called Glen Morisone's Reell (Cumming's Coll) or The Confederacy (Duke of Perth MS), this tune is also found in Kerr's as Charlie Stuart and You're Welcome, Charlie Stuart
Welcome Royal Charlie A K2v4p5 This is a version of the tune Auld Wife Ayont the Fire
Wellbank Fiddler, The D K2v9p17 By D Muir
West Kilbride A K2v3p11 By A M Volti. There is an accompanying strathspey called East Kilbride (K2v3p11).
West Winds G K2v4p12
What's A' the Steer G K2v4p16 Aka Steer Kimmer
Whigs of Fife, The Dm K2v2p21
White Cockade, The G K2v1p23 "Country dance"
Will You Run Away With Me C K2v1p18
Willie Davie A K2v1p24
Wind That Shakes the Barley, The D K2v1p4
Recordings: Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Ideal Music (1977); Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Silly Wizard, Silly Wizard (1976); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976)
Wise Maid, The D K2v4p11 This is not the Irish reel of the same name which also goes under the name All Around the World.
Witch of the Wave G K2v3p8
Woo'in O't, The D K2v4p7
Yellow Haired Laddie, The G K2v6p27 Aka The Curly Haired Laddie
Yetts of Muckart, The A K2v2p8
You're Welcome, Charlie Stuart D K2v1p6
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