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K2v1-4 = Kerr's First/Second/Third/Fourth Collections of Merry Melodies  (More Info)
K2v5 = Kerr's Caledonian Collection  (More Info)
K2v6 = Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
K2v7 = Kerr's Collection of Reels and Strathspeys
K2v8 = Kerr's Violin Instructor and Irish Folk-Song Album
K2v9 = Kerr's Thistle Collection
K2v10 = Kerr's Modern Dance Album


All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 4th June, 2002


Title Key Book Notes
Annan Polka G K2v3p50
Belfast Polka C K2v3p50 Recordings: Richard Thomson, Strict Tempo
Blue Bell Polka G K2v1p51 I have a sheet music version of this which claims that "F Stanley" is the composer. I also have a 78rpm disc by James Brown, the Edinburgh melodeon player, from 1911 of a track called "Little Pet (Caledonian Polka)" which is exactly the same tune. Recordings: Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Prom (1980)
Circle Polka C K2v3p50
Craigielea Polka, The D K2v6p43 By Carl Volti (biog).
Faries' Dance Polka G K2v3p51
Grand Old Duke of York I D K2v6p47
Grand Old Duke of York II G K2v6p47
Highland Polka G K2v2p51 D Kippen
Jenny Lind Polka D K2v3p50
Merry Bells Polka G K2v2p51
New Beginners Polka D K2v2p51
Opera Polka C K2v3p50
Pergola Polka G K2v7p36
Serenade Polka C K2v1p51 By F Lutte
Star Polka C K2v3p50
Vaillance Polka Militare G K2v2p51 Recordings: Richard Thompson, Strict Tempo (1981)
Wall Flowers Polka D K2v2p51


Ash Grove, The G K2v3p33 Recordings: Jimmy Shand, Beltona BL2229
Auld Robin Gray G K2v3p34
Beautiful Star Waltz G K2v3p48
Brunswick Waltz C K2v1p50
Castanet Dance C K2v6p52
Come O'er the Stream Charlie G K2v3p33
Cuckoo Valse G K2v4p46 By Carl Volti (biog)
Dancing Waltz C K2v3p49
Danube Waltz C K2v3p48
Elfin Waltz G K2v1p51
Ever True Waltz C K2v3p48
Fairyland Waltz C K2v1p50 By C Warren
Four Marys, The G K2v3p48
Freyschutz Waltz, Der D K2v1p25
Green Hills of Tyrol, The G K2v1p51
Guaracha Waltz G K2v2p50
Gin I Were a Baron's Heir D K2v1p25
Green Hills of Tyrol, The G K2v1p51
Guaracha Waltz G K2v2p50
Happy We've Been A' The-Gither D K2v1p25
Harp That Once, The G K2v3p33
Hey the Merry Masons G K2v7p27
Home Waltz (Home Sweet Home) G K2v2p50
Jenny Jones G K2v3p33 Recordings: Jimmy Shand, Beltona BL2229
Kelvin Glade Waltz, The G K2v6p42 By Carl Volti (biog).
Last Rose of Summer G K2v3p33
Lila's a Lady G K2v3p33
Logie o Buchan D K2v1p25
Marble Halls, The G K2v3p33
Merry Masons, The G K2v3p33
Morning Star Waltz G K2v1p51
My Heart is Sair D K2v1p25 Aka Somebody or My Heart is Sair for Somebody.
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose D K2v1p25 From the Burns song.
My Skiff Is On the Shore G K2v3p33
Nicholson's Waltz C K2v1p50
O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir D K2v1p25 This tune was composed by Joseph William Holder (1765-1823), an Englishman and a music graduate of Oxford University. It appeared in Scots Minstrelsies in 1893. The words of the song are traditional.
Over the Moonlight Sea Waltz D K2v3p49
Polly Hopkins Waltz D K2v1p51
Spanish Dance C K2v6p52 [Castanet Dance]
Varsoviana, La G K2v7p38
Waltz I D K2v7p27
Waltz II G K2v7p27
Wooden Shoes G K2v6p52
Ye Banks and Braes D K2v1p25 From the Burns song Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon.

Sand Jigs, 4/4 Jigs and Misc American Tunes

American Air I D K2v1p21 "Country dance"
American Air II D K2v1p21 "Country dance"
American Boot Dance F K2v3p39
Arkansas Traveller D K2v1p21
"Country dance"
Away With Melancholy G K2v3p43
Billy the Kid's Jig A K2v2p49 American 4/4 Jig
Boatmans Dance G K2v2p45 Possibly from the Stephen Foster Song.
Bob Chudduck's Jig A K2v2p48 American; 4/4 Jig
Boot Dance Am K2v1,29
Butcher's Boy, The D K2v2p47 American, "Clog Dance"
Camp Meeting, The A K2v2p49 American; 4/4 Jig
Coal Black Rose G K2v3p43
Double Clog Dance G K2v2p46 American
Get On de Train G K2v2p47 American, "Sand Jig".
Grape Vine Twist G K2v2p47 American, "Sand Jig".
Hell on the Wabash Am K2v2p48 American; 4/4 Jig. Actually titled H___ on the Wabash.
Hole In the Wall Am K2v2p47 American, "Clog Dance"
Hoop-De Dooden-Do A
American; 4/4 Jig
I'll Meet Her When the Sun Goes Down C K2v6p16 ?American
I'm Off to Charlestown D K2v3p43
Idlewild D K2v2p47 American, "Clog Dance"
Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair G K2v2p45
Juba Dance G K2v6p20
Kitty Sharp's Champion Jig G K2v2p48 American; 4/4 Jig
Knocking Hornpipe G K2v2p45
Little Diamond A K2v2p49 American; 4/4 Jig
Massa's In the Cold Cold Ground G K2v2p45
Mountain Sprite, The C K2v2p47 American, "Sand jig".
My Old Kentucky Home G K2v2p46
American. "Sand jig" in K2v2.
Nancy Till G K2v2p46
Negro Breakdown I G K2v6p20 American
Negro Breakdown II A K2v1p22
Negro Break Down III G K4,31 This is better known these days as The Banjo Breakdown
Negro Jig Am K2v6p19 American
Negro Melody Bm K2v1p21 "Country dance"
Negro Sand Jig I C K2v2p46 American
Negro Sand Jig II G K2v2p46 American
Nellie's Birthday G K2v3p43 American
Nelly Bly G K2v2p45
Nelly Gray G K2v2p45 American?
Nigger in the Pea Patch, The D K2v2p49 American; 4/4 Jig
Nigger in the Sugar Cane, The G K2v6p23 American
Nigger in the Woodpile, The D K2v2p49 American; 4/4 Jig
O Willie We Have Missed You G K2v6p18
O Dem Golden Slippers D K2v1,27
Oakland Garden C K2v2p47 American, "Clog Dance"
Old Folks G K2v2p45 American
Old Folks at Home G K2v6p16 American
Old Man's Dance Am K2v2p46 American. "Slow hornpipe"
Phil Isaac's A K2v2p47 American, "Clog Dance"
Prairie Flower, The C K2v6p18 ?American
Ring the Banjo G K2v3p43
Sand Dance A K2v4p29 American?
Sand Jig I G K2v6p16 American
Sand Jig II G K2v6p22 American
Sand Jig III Am K2v6p22 American
Sand Jig IV Am K2v6p25 American
Sand Jig V G K2v2p45 American
Sand Jig VI D K2v2p45 American
Staten Island D K2v1p21 Jack Campin: Maybe this relates to the one in New York harbour, but there is another Staten Island near Cape Horn that might have been well-known to sailors.
NG: Aka Burns' Hornpipe. Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1975); Golden Fiddle Awards (1981)
Sullivans Jig G K2v2p48 American; 4/4 Jig
Tom Brigg's Jig D K2v2p48 American; 4/4 Jig
Turkey In the Straw C K2v5p21 Described as a "Buck Dance".
Uncle Tom's Jig G K2v2p49 American; 4/4 Jig
Walk Around - Hey Daddy Am K2v2p46 American; "Plantation dance"
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Am K2v1,27
Who's Dat Knocking G K2v6p17 ?American
Yankee Doodle G K2v2p46 Not the same as the well-known Yankee Doodle Went to Town.


Barn Dance D K2v4p43 by Carl Volti (biog)
Chinese Dance A K2v1,29
Duet for Two Violins G K2v1,46
French Air I D K2v1p22 "Country dance"
French Air II D K2v1p22 "Country dance"
French March G K2v1p30
Garcon Volange G K1,29
Italian Monfrina G K2v1p27
Krakoviak, The G K2v1p46
Mazurka G K2v7p38
Pastoral Dance D K2v4p49 by Carl Volti (biog)
Spanish Dance C K2v6p52 [Castanet Dance]
Swiss Waltz D K2v1p51
Varsoviana, La G K2v7p38
Village Festival, The D K2v4p50 by Carl Volti (biog)
Voulez Vous Danser D K2v1p27 An antecedent of the popular French Canadian tune La Bastringue (?).