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K2v1-4 = Kerr's First/Second/Third/Fourth Collections of Merry Melodies  (More Info)
K2v5 = Kerr's Caledonian Collection  (More Info)
K2v6 = Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
K2v7 = Kerr's Collection of Reels and Strathspeys
K2v8 = Kerr's Violin Instructor and Irish Folk-Song Album
K2v9 = Kerr's Thistle Collection
K2v10 = Kerr's Modern Dance Album
DMI = O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland OMI = O'Neill's Music of Ireland
Ryan's = Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1880s) (republished as Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes)


All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 8th June, 2002

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Title Key Book   Notes
Academy Jig, The D K1,30 By J Rule
Air from La Somnambula G K3,27
And Doth Not a Meeting Like This G K8,27 Irish
Ane and Twenty Tam G K1,32 Aka O, For Ane and Twenty Tam after the Burns song. The tune was called The Moudiewart (the Scots word for a mole) in Oswald, itself a reference to an old Jacobite song of the same name. William of Orange is said to have died after his horse tripped on a molehill, hence the song was a toast to the creature who brought his downfall. Recordings: Heritage, When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1980) (as The Moudiewart).
Ap Shenkin G K3,29 ?Welsh
Argyle is My Name D K1,32 G Farquhar Graham thought this tune "very probably of Irish origin...[or] a Scottish imitation of the Irish style"
Athol Highlanders G K3,29 Aka Atholl Highlanders,
Auld Inn, The A K4,28 Related to the Irish jig Parlús Pheait (Pat's Parlour), also known as Green Jerseys.
Auld Wattie C K3,32 Aka Highland Pibroch (K1,47) and The Highlander (DMI).
Bab at the Bowster G K6,49 Aka Bee-Ba-Babity.
Baltighoran Jig D K3,27 9/8 Irish
Bangor Regatta A K3,25 ?Irish
Banks O Cart G K3,30
Banks of Allan D K7,35 Found in CRE5 as Moin Almhaine (The Bog of Allen). PdG: On the album The Smoky Chimney (O'Sullivan, Harrington, de Grae; Foetain Spin CD 1001) it is mistakenly called Swallows in Flight. O'Neill has a version, The Tailor's Thimble (DMI91).
Banks o Cart G K3,30
Banks of the Allan, The D K1,31 See Banks of Allan above.
Barney Brallaghan D K2,26
9/8, Irish. Aka Blewitt's Jig
Bee-Ba-Babity G K6,49 [Bab at the Bowster]
Beer Drinker, The D K1,40 Irish
Begone Dull Care D K3,44
Belfast Boat, The G K3,30 Irish?
Belfast Ham D K4,22 Irish
Belfast Linen A
Believe Me If All These Endearing... A K8,8 Irish
Biddy of Sligo D K1,36
Irish. Recordings: Boys of the Lough, In the Tradition (1981); Ossian, Borders (1984); Tannahill Weavers, Passage (1983)
Biddy the Bowl-Wife A K1,37
Bide Ye Yet G K1,32
Big Barney G K3,28 ?Irish
Billy O'Rourke D K1,39 Irish
Blackthorn Stick, The A
Irish. Recordings: Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Blewitt's Jig D K2,26
9/8, Irish. Aka Barney Brallaghan.
Blue Bonnets, The C K7,34 A version of the 6/8 march Lesley's March (Watt's Musical Miscellany, 1731; Oswald's 2nd collection, 1755). Gow published it as Duplin House, and it was used for Scott's song March, March, Ettrick and Teviotdale, subsequently acquiring the title Blue Bonnets Over the Border from that song.
Bonnets o' Blue D K2,34
Bonnie Blue Flag G K3,32
Bonnie Doon G K4,28 Aka Ye Banks and Braes after the song by Burns, but before that it was known as The Caledonian Hunt's Delight. Included as a waltz in K1,25.
Bonnie Dundee G K2,34 This tune was known in Edinburgh in the 19th century as The Band At a Distance. It should more properly be called The Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee to distinguish it from the older tune Bonnie Dundee or Adieu Dundee. Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Bonnie Prince Charlie G K4,28
Bonnie Strathmore C K3,31
Bottle of Claret, The G
Irish. Aka Jackson's Bottle of Brandy; Bobbing for Eels; Pay the Reckoning; Jackson's Bottle of Punch; Fishing for Eels; Jackson's Jug of Punch; Jackson's Bottle of Brandy; The Bottle of Punch; The Butchers of Bristol; The Old Man's Jig; Groom and Larry Grogan.
Bottle of Punch, The D K1,38 Irish. See The Bottle of Claret.
Boys of Clones Am K4,24 Irish. Many alternative names, including The Butcher's March; The Butcher's Jig; The Bog of Allen; Along With the Girls I'd Like to Be; Bloody Oul' Hag Is It Tay You Want?
Boys of Wexford G K8,28 Irish
Brian Borouhme Am K3,30
Brian Boroum's March Am K8,34 Irish
Brian O'Linn D K1,38
Irish. Not the same tune as below, a different from the Brian O'Lynn in DMI.
Brian O'Linn D K2,26 9/8 Irish. Not the same tune as above.
Bridal, The G K2,29 Irish. Aka Priest's Leap.
Brisk Irish Lad, The D K8,21 Irish
Brose and Butter D K3,32 9/8. Aka Up and Down Again (DMI). Said to have been the favourite tune of Charles II. There are words to the song. Recordings: Ossian, 1st Album (1977); Alison Kinnaird, Harper's Gallery (1980)
Brown Eyed Kate A K4,25 Irish
Bumper At Parting, A D K3,32 ?Irish. 9/8
Bumper at Parting, One G K8,29 9/8 Irish
Cabin Buck, The D K8,22 Irish. Aka The Peeler and the Goat and
The Cavan Buck.
Cam' Ye By Athol D K3,45
Campbells Are Coming G K1,32
Canty Auld Man, The G K1,33
In K6 it says by "J H".
Canty Couple, The C K3,30
Captain White D K1,28
Car Driver, The D K4,22 Irish
Carnival of Venice G K3,29
Cavan Buck, The [or Cabin Buck] D K5,19 Irish. Aka Peeler and the Goat.
Cavehill G K3,29
Chorus Jig D K4,22 Irish
Close to the Floor G K2,31 American? [J Hand]
Cobbler, The D K6,33 Irish. See Dan the Cobbler and Kitty's Ramble.
Cock o' the North I G K2,34
Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Coleraine Am K4,26 Irish
Come Lasses and Lads G K3,44
Come Fy, Let's A' To the Bridal A K3,26 9/8. Aka Come Let's A' To the Bridal (K2,28).
Come Lasses and Lads G K3,44
Come Let's A' To the Bridal G K2,28 9/8. Aka Come Fy, Let's A' To the Bridal (K3,26)
Come Under My Plaidie G K1,49
Connaught Man's Rambles, The D K1,36
Irish. Aka Gathering Dillisk (DMI).
Country Dance A K2v1,27
County Ball, The D K4,23 Irish
County Down A K3,26 Irish
Croppies Lie Down G K2,28 Irish
Cross Roads D K4,25 Irish
Crossing the Channel D K4,23 Irish 9/8.
Cumberland Reel D K2v1,27 Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
Cummilum A K3,26
9/8 Irish
Dairy Girl, The A K8,14 Irish
Dan the Cobbler D K1,37 Irish. This is a variant of Kitty's Rambles, found in DMI and on the next page in Kerr's. The tune is also in K2v6p33 as The Cobbler.
Dark Haired Youth, The G K1,48
Dear Harp of My Country G K8,27 Irish
Dear Little Shamrock, The G K8,35 Irish
Deil's Awa Wi' the Exciseman G K3,30 Recordings: Tannahill Weavers, The Old Woman's Dance (1978)
Denis, Don't Be Threatening Bb K4,26 Irish
Derry Boat, The D K3,27 Irish
Derry Down G K8,28 Irish
Dhu Hill, The D K4,27
Donaghadee C
Donnybrook Boy, The D K1,36
Irish. Much similarity to Kitty of Oulart in DMI.
Double Jig A K4,25 Irish
Down the Road A K4,25 Irish
Dragoon, The G
Drops of Brandy G
Slip Jig (9/8). Recordings: Heritage, When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1980); Alison Kinnaird, Harper's Gallery (1980)
Drover Lads, The G K3,30 Aka Gillan an Drover. Breathnach collected an untitled version in County Limerick. Download ABC
Drummond Castle Am K4,28 Recordings: Alba, Alba (1977); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Fiddles Galore (1976)
Drunken Parson, The G K1,29 Recordings: McNamara Family, Leitrim's Hidden Treasures.
Dublin Streets G K2,26 9/8 Irish
Dukes Dang Ower His Daddy D K1,32
Dumfries House G K2,34 By J Riddell
Electric Car, The G K4,24 Irish
Fagan Em
Farewell Sweet Norah G K2,29 Irish
Father O'Flynn D K4,22 Irish. Aka The Top of Cork Road (DMI), and The Rollicking Irishman. According to O'Neill it's found in several English collections under the name Yorkshire Lasses. Recordings: Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969)
Fermanagh Quick Step D K4,23 Irish. More commonly known as The Lady In the Boat.
Ferry, The A K4,28 Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
Fields of Old Erin G K4,24 Irish.
Flanagan's Jig D K3,27 Irish
Fly Not Yet G
Free and Easy Am K1,38 Irish
Fuddlin' Boys A K3,25
Gaelic Air, A II G K2v1p48
Garcon Volange G K1,29
Garry Owen A
Geese in the Bog, The D K1,40 Irish. Aka The Geese In the Bogs. There is another jig of the same name.
General Gathering 1745 D K2,35
Gentle Maid, The G K8,27 Irish
Girl In Green, The G K3,30 Irish
Glass of Potheen, A G K2,27
Gobbie O, The Am K1,33
Found in Ryan's as Jefferson and Liberty. According to Dan Mozella campaign song for Jefferson was written to the tune of Gobby O and then the tune became known by the song name.
Green Jerseys, The D K3,27 ?Irish
Green Shades of Gask, The G K2,35 Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Joseph Cormier, Old Time Wedding Reels; Ron Gonella, Crieff Hydro (1981)
Greenholm G K4,28 Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
Grey Buck, The A K4,28
Grinder, The / The Grinders G
9/8 Irish
Growling Old Woman, The Bb K2,30 Irish
Hare Among the Corn, The A K3,26 Irish. Aka The Absent Minded Man.
Harmonica, The G K1,29
Haste To the Wedding D K1,27
Aka Rural Felicity, Trip to the Dargle, Let Brainspinning Swains and Carrick Fergus. First published in Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion under The Small Pin Cushion. Jack Campin thinks Oswald may have composed it. Recordings: Heritage, When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1980)
Haud Awa' Hame D K4,27
Haymakers G K2v1,27 "Country Dance"
He's O'er the Hills D K3,32 Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1980)
Heather Hills D K4,27
Here's to the Maiden G K3,44
Highland Pibroch C K1,47 Aka Auld Wattie and The Highlander (DMI). Recordings: Silly Wizard, Silly Wizard (1976)
Highland Quickstep G K1,47
Highlander's Jig A K3,32 This jig is known as Cold Winds from Ben Wyvis. It's in the DunGreen Collection, where it's noted with the alternative names of Forest and Glen and Graham's Brook. Download ABC
Hills of Glenorchy Em K1,47
"Quickstep" (in K5). Known in Ireland as The Jolly Corkonian (DMI). Recordings: Various, Atlantic Fiddles (Donny LeBlanc); Heritage, When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1980); Sprangeen (1984); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
House of Gray, The G K4,28
How She Got Up in the Morning A K3,25
Huggerth the Puss F K4,26 Irish
Huish the Cat Am K2,26 Irish
Humors of Castle Lyons G K2,28 Irish
Humors of Donnybrook A K1,37
Irish. Called The Old Horned Sheep in DMI.
Humours of Ballymanus D K8,25 9/8 Irish
Humours of Comer, The Em K1,40 Irish
Humours of Donnybrook G K8,28 Irish. Recordings: Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969)
Hundred Pipers, The A
Aka Wi a Hundred Pipers. Recordings: Ron Gonella, Crieff Hydro (1981); Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976)
Hunting the Hare D K3,27 ?Irish
Hurichum Harichim D K4,27
I Hae a Wife O' My Ain G K2,34 9/8. Aka I Have a Wife of My Own and Beauteaous Fair Molly (both DMI). Recordings: Ossian, 1st Album (1977); Whistlebinkies 4 (1985)
I Hae Laid a Herrin' In Sa't A K2,35
I Lo'e Nae a Laddie But Ane A K1,31 A variant of Believe Me If These Endearing Young Charms. Recordings: Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Magic (1992)
I Lost My Love C K1,31 Aka This Is My Love, Do You Like Her?. Probably originated with Bundle and Go.
I Was the Boy for Bewiching Them D K8,17 9/8 Irish
I'm A Young Man D K1,31
I'm Owre Young D K2,34
If Thou'lt Be Mine D K8,24 Irish
Ireland's Own D K4,23 Irish
Irish Girl, The Bb K2,30 Irish
Irish Hut, The G K3,29
Irish Lilt, An A K2,27
Irish. PV: Miss Walsh's Fancy in O'Neill. Download ABC
Irish Merrymaking D K8,21 9/8 Irish
Irish Washerwoman, The G K1,36
Irish. Aka Washer Woman and The Irishwoman. Recordings: Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977) Tannahill Weavers, The Old Woman's Dance (1978); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Prom (1980)
Irish Washerwoman, The Am K8,34 Irish
Irish Wedding, The A K8,12 Irish
Irish Whiskey G K1,38 Irish. This is called Out With the Boys in DMI.
Irish Whisky G K7,32 Irish
Is It the Priest You Want G K2,26
Island of Mull, The D K1,48 [Mrs McDonald]
Italian Monfrina G K2v1p27
Ivy House G K4,28
Jackson's Jig D K1,36
Irish. This is Jackson's Morning Brush; see below. Recordings: Strings of Scotland (1975)
Jackson's Morning Brush D K4,22 Irish. Aka Fairy Haunts (DMI).
Jaunting Car For Six A K3,26 9/8 ?Irish
Jeanie's Blue Een D K4,27 Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
Jig I A K1,28
Jig II A K1,28
Jig III A K1,28 This is The Soldier's Dance. Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Jig IV G K1,30
Jig V D K1,30
Jig VI G K2,28 By Carl Volti (biog).
Jig in A A K4,25 This is an Irish jig known as An Buachaillin Ban (The Fairhaired Boy) or Bouchaleen Bawn, and often played in A dorian. Recordings: Bonnie Rideout, Celtic Circles
Jig in G G K4,24 Irish.
John Bain's Sister's Wedding C K3,31 Aka Mary Bain's Wedding and My Ain Hoose. Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976)
John Grumlie D K3,44 Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975); Golden Fiddle Awards (1980)
John O'Reilly F K4,26 Irish
John of Paris A K2v1,27 "Country Dance"
Jolly Companions A K3,25
Katy Flanigan D K4,22 Irish
Katy is Waiting Em K2,33 Irish
Katy Sloan G K4,24 Irish
Kenmure's On An' Awa' G K6,9 Recordings:
Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Kenmure's On An' Awa' Willie G K1,32
Kennedy G K4,24 Irish
Kid On the Mountain, The D K4,22 9/8 Irish.
Kilty Lads, The G K1,48
King, The G K4,24 Irish. Philippe Varlet once wrote: "When I was in Doolin in 1979, I learned from Roger Burridge and Davy Spillane a jig in four parts which they called The King's Jig and which combined Miss Monroe's with one part from Going to Donnybrook (O'Neill) and another part:". Andrew Kuntz pointed out that it was The King as found in Kerr's.
Kinloch of Kinloch D K1,32
Kinnegad Slashers, The D K2,27 Irish. Aka The Twin Sisters (DMI). Recordings:
Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975)
Kinnigad Slashers, The D K6,40 Irish
Kissed Yestreen Am K1,31 Aka As I Was Kissed Yestreen and Sae Braley As I Was Kiss'd Yestreen (in Aird).
Kissing Ring, The G K3,29
Kitty Mooney F K2,30 Irish
Kitty of Coleraine D K8,18 Irish
Kitty's Ramble D K1,39 Irish. A four-part version in DMI is called Kitty's Rambles. There's also a variant of this tune on the previous page in Kerr's called Dan the Cobbler.
Lads O' Dunse, The D K1,33
Recordings: Sprangeen (1984); Whistlebinkies 4 (1985)
Lads Wi' the Kilts, The D K4,27
Lady Nellie Wemyss A K2,35 Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1975); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976)
Lady of the Lake I G
Lady Wemyss A K3,26 [Lady Nellie Wemyss]
Laird O' Cockpen, The G K2,34 Recordings: Tannahill Weavers, The Old Woman's Dance (1978)
Land League, The D K2,32 Irish
Lannagan's Ball Dm K7,31 Irish. Aka Lannigan's Ball; At the Side of the Road; When I Was a Young Man.
Lannagan's Ball Em K1,36 Irish
Larry Grogan A K8,15 Irish. Aka County Limerick Buckhunt (DMI).
Larry Grogan G K1,40 Irish
Larry O'Gaff G K1,36
Legacy, The G K8,29 Sc/Irish
Legacy, The D K3,28 Sc/Irish
Leslie's March D K4,27
Life Let Us Cherish G K3,32
Life on the Ocean Wave, The D K1,28
Light and Airy Bb K2,30 Sc/Irish. Recordings: Angus Chisholm, Early Recordings
Light and Airy G K7,33
Limerick Jig F K2,30 9/8 Irish
Limerick Lass, The G K2,31 Irish
Little House Round the Corner D K2,29 Irish
Lively Tim A K4,25 Irish
Lord Breadalbane's March D K1,48
Lord Duplin D K3,27
Love's Young Dream G K2,28 Irish. This is a jig version of the popular hornpipe The Rights of Man.
Low Backed Car, The G K2,28 Irish
Low Backed Car, The A K8,16 Irish
Lubin Loo G K6,50
MacKenzie's Farewell D K1,47
Maggie Brown's Jig G K2,33
Major Mackie A K4,28
Major, The A K3,25
Marry the Piper Girls G K2,26 Irish
Mary Do It Again A K4,25 Irish
Mary Murphy D K3,28 Irish
Mary Young and Fair C K1,49 The title is a translation from the gaelic
"Mairi Bhan Og" (Nigel - check this)
McDougall's March D K4,27
McLean's Pipes D K4,27
McRory's Breeks G K3,29
Meeting of the Waters, The D K8,18 Irish
Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife D K1,32
Recordings: Various, The Fiddler's Companion (1980); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards (1980)
Merry Girls of Dublin G K2,26 Irish
Merry Masons G K3,29 ?Hey the Merry Masons
Merry Month of May, The A K1,29
Mickie Murphy D K3,27 ?Irish [?O'er the Water]
Miller o' Dee, The C K3,44
Miners of Wicklow, The G K6,34
Moll Roe in the Morning G K2,27 9/8 Irish
Money in Both Pockets D K1,40 Irish?. Recordings: Fiddles Galore (1976)
Morgan Rattler G K1,39 Irish. Aka Five Hundred a Year (DMI).
Mourne Mountains G K4,24 Irish
Mr Riley D K4,22 Irish
Mrs Casey C K3,32
Mrs McDonald D K1,48 Aka The Island of Mull.
Mrs Ross D K3,27
Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre, The D K7,42 Recordings:
Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Magic (1992); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Mug of Brown Ale, The Am K1,39 Irish. Called Old Man Dillon in DMI, and One Bottle More in Ryan's Mammoth Collection. According to Philippe Varlet, traveller/singer Margaret Barry claimed that her grandfather, Antrim piper Robert Thompson, composed the tune.
Muirland Willie G K3,32
Munster Buttermilk, The D K1,40 Irish. In DMI it's called Behind the Haystack. Recordings: Boys of the Lough, Recorded Live (1975)
Munster Gimlet, The F K2,32 9/8 Irish
Murphy Delaney Bb K2,30 Irish
Murphy Delaney G K8,33 Irish
My Lame Leg C K1,48 Aka The Trippers.
My Lodging's On the Cold Ground G
My Mither's Aye Glowerin' Owre Me G K3,32
My Pretty Fair Maid G K2,33 ?Irish
My Tocher's the Jewel C K3,31 Also known as a song. Nathaniel Gow slowed down this tune and gave it a new name, Lord Elcho's Favourite. Kate Dunlay tells me it's known in Cape Breton as Bundle and Go.
My Wife's A Wanton Wee Thing D
Aka My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing. Recordings: Various, The Fiddler's Companion (1980); Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Magic (1992); Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing D K5,21 Aka My Wife's A Wanton Wee Thing.
Nay, Tell Me Not D K8,23 Irish
New Rigged Ship, The D K3,27 It has been said that this is played in the US as
Green Willis (a tune in 4/4). Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976)
Night Cap, The A K3,26
Nightingale, The G K3,29
Nora Creina / Norah Creina G
Irish.Recordings: Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977)
Nora's Purse A K8,16 Irish
Norah McFrisky A K8,12 Irish
Noran Kista Bb K4,26 Irish
Nothing Can Sadden Us A K3,25
Nut Country Dance, The A K2v1,27 Irish
O Dear! What Can the Matter Be G K2,28
O Lassie Art Thou Sleeping Yet D K2,34
O Whistle and I'll Come To You My Love D K1,33
O'Kelly's Jig C K1,38 Irish
Off She Goes D K1,29 Recordings: Sprangeen (1984); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Old Jowler D K3,44
Old Langalee G
Old Rosin the Beau A K1,29 Or just Rosin the BowRecordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Strings of Scotland (1975)
On Wi' the Tartan D K3,28
One Bumper at Parting G K8,29 9/8 Irish
Orange and Blue A K2,35 This is a 6/8 version of a well known Schottische. Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
Orangemen G K4,24 Irish
Over the Border G K1,32
Over the Water G K1,31
Aka O'er the Water to Charlie.
Paddy Carey D K1,27
Paddy Haggarthy D K8,21 Irish
Paddy McGuire G K3,28 Irish
Paddy McGuire G K4,24 Irish. Not the same tune as above.
Paddy O'Carrol D K1,36
Irish. Aka Bad Luck to this Marching and The Exiles Lament (both DMI).
Paddy O'Flynn D K1,36 Irish. In DMI it's called The Miners of Wicklow.
Paddy O'Rafferty A
Irish, although it's a favourite of Scottish pipers too. Tunes are not often duplicated in Kerr's books, but the fact that this one appears in five different books is a testament to its popularity.
Aka Drink of this Cup (DMI). Recordings: Boys of the Lough, In the Tradition (1981); Tannahill Weavers, IV (1981)
Paddy Snap Bb K2,30 9/8 Irish
Paddy the Piper A
Paddy Was Up To Ganger G K2,29 Irish
Paddy Whack G
Irish. Aka harp That in Darkness; When History's Muse; and Whoop Do Me No Harm (all DMI).
Paddy's Resource A K8,15 Irish. Aka The Road to Skye (DunGreen Collection).
Paddy's Trip from Dublin D K8,21 Irish
Paddy's Wedding F K4,26 Irish
Pastoral Dance D K4,49 By Carl Volti (biog).
Pate Baillie's Jig G K1,33 Named after the celebrated fiddler from Loanhead.
Patrick's Delight G K8,30 9/8 Irish
Peeler and the Goat, The D K5,19
Irish. Aka The Cavan Buck or The Cabin Buck.
Peeler's Away With My Daughter, The D K4,23 Irish. Appears to be a version of the Scots jig Hills of Glenorchy.
Peggie's Wedding D K8,25 Irish
Pet of the Pipers, The A
Irish. Called Doherty's Fancy in DMI. Recordings: Strings of Scotland (1975)
Peter Bailie's Wife A K1,49
Petticoats Loose, The Gm K2,30 Sc/Irish. Aka Yourself Along With Me (K2,28), The Bonnie Highlander and Tie the Petticoat Tighter (DMI).
Pibroch o' Donuil Dhu G K7,34 Aka Black Donald the Piper (DMI) and Pibroch o' Donald Dhu. Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Pibroch of Bonnie Strathearn A K2,50 By D Kippen. Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.); Ron Gonella, Crieff Hydro (1981)
Pibroch of Donald Dhu A K1,31 Aka Black Donald the Piper (DMI) and Pibroch o' Donuil Dhu. Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Piper's Bonnet, The C K3,31
Piper's Maggot. The A K2,27 9/8 Sc/Irish
Piper's March D K4,27
Polthogue C K2,28 9/8 Irish
Port Patrick D K3,28 [Sc/Irish]
Portrush A K3,26 9/8 ?Irish
Praties Are Dug, The D K2,26 Irish. Aka The Frost Is All Over (DMI).
Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow, The Bb K4,26 Irish
Pretty Peggy A K4,25 Irish
Protestant Boys, The A
Queen Victoria G K7,41
Queen's Welcome D K7,41
Quickstep G K4,22 Irish
Railway, The G K3,29
Rakes of Clonmel, The Am K1,38
Irish. O'Neill gives Boys of the Lough as an alternative title (DMI).
Rakes of Frishmen, The G K1,40
Rakes of Kildare, The Am K1,37
Irish. Recordings: Angus Cameron, Strings to the Bow (1977); Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Prom (1980)
Rambling Pitchfork, The Em K1,39 Irish
Rattle the Cash G K2,26 Irish
Rattlin' Roarin' Willie A K3,25 9/8
Ribbonmen A K4,25 Irish
Rights of Man, The G K2,28 Irish [Love's Young Dream]
Road to Sligo Bb K4,26 Irish 9/8
Roaring Jelly D K1,40
Irish. Aka Smash the Windows. I have heard it (on a 78rpm record) played as a slow waltz and called Jelly Well Spread. Recordings: Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Rocky Road to Dublin, The Am K2,25 Slip Jig (9/8). Irish
Rocky Road to Dublin, The Bm K5,21
9/8 Irish
Rollicking Irishman, The D K1,38
Irish. Aka Father O'Flynn and The Top of Cork Road. According to O'Neill it's found in several English collections under the name Yorkshire Lasses. Recordings: Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969) (as Father O'Flynn); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Prom (1980)
Rory O'More A
Irish. An alternative title given in DMI is Good Omens. Recordings: Strings of Scotland (1975)
Rustic Reel D K1,29 Joel Shimberg: I've seen this in a number of US tune books, always with the name Rustic Reel. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be a composed piece with that name, made for young students.
Andrew Kuntz: The tune was well-known in Canada and the US under a variety of titles, including City Guards, First Western Change, Jinny O Jinny My Toes Are Sore, Libby Prison Quickstep, Monongahela March, O Dear Mother My Toes Are Sore, Rustic Reel and Virginia Reel. Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883) is the earliest appearance in print that I find, however, one version was collected by William Sidney Mount and sent to his dancing master brother, c. 1845.
Saddle the Pony II D K1,39 Irish. There is another jig by this name.
Sailor's Wife, The Em K1,33
Recordings: Whistlebinkies 2 (1980)
Sgian Dubh D K2,35 Download ABC. Recordings: Sprangeen (1984)
Shamrock, The A K3,26 9/8 Irish
Short Black Apron, The Am K4,26 Irish
Short Grass, The Am K2,26
Should Our Praise of Britain's Isle D K3,44
Sign Post, The A K4,25 Irish
Sir Roger de Coverley G K1,27
9/8, ?English
Skibbereen G K8,32 Irish
Skiver the Quilt Am K1,39
Irish. This is called The Tailor's Wedding in DMI.
Slip Jig D K4,23 Irish 9/8. PV: Some overall similarity to Barney Barllaghan but not the same tune.
Smash the Windows D K4,22 Irish. Aka Roaring Jelly.
Sodger Laddie G K3,29 Aka Soldier Laddie.
Sorry to Part A K1,36
Irish. Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Prom (1980)
Southern Breeze, The A K8,16 Irish
Spinning Wheel, The G K3,30 Irish?
Sprig of Shamrock A K8,12 Irish
Sprig of Shillelah, The G
St Kevin Bb K2,30 Irish
St Patrick Was a Gentleman D K8,25 Irish
St Patrick's Day G K1,39
Irish. Recordings: Kinross Festival 1973.
Star Irish Jig G K3,28 Irish
Stilly Night Bb K4,26 Irish
Stool of Repentence A
In K5 this is included in the Irish Jigs section,
although it is not known as an Irish tune. Recordings: Angus Cameron, Strings to the Bow (1977); Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969); Various, The Fiddler's Companion (1980); Whistlebinkies 5 (1988); Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976)
Strap the Razor G K1,39 Irish. The two settings in DMI are called Strop the Razor.
Strip the Willow I A K7,42 9/8
Sunday Is My Wedding Day Em K2,29 Irish
Swallow Tail Em K2,29 Irish
Sweet Flora A K4,25 Irish
Sweet Kathlane Macree D K8,24 Irish
Tail of My Coat, The G K4,24 Irish
Taladh C K3,31
Tappit Hen, The A K4,28
Tatther Jack Welsh D K1,39
Irish. Aka Tatter Jack Walsh, Father Jack Walsh and To Cashell I'm Going (all DMI).
Teddy Malo's Jig G K2,29 Irish
Teddy O'Rann G K8,32 Irish
Temple House G K1,33
Tenpenny Bit, The Am K1,36
Irish. Aka The Three Little Drummers; Spirits of Whiskey; Cock In the Heath. It is more usually known as The Three Little Drummers in Ireland as there's another jig called The Tenpenny Bit. This
Terence's Farewell to his Kathleen Am K8,34 9/8 Irish
Teviot Bridge A
Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Golden Fiddle Awards (1980)
Thady You Gander A K3,26
Irish. Aka Daniel of the Sun; Girls of the West; Tady You Gander; Bucky Highlander; Bully for You; Sunny Dan (all DMI). Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.)
There Cam' A Young Man C K1,31 Aka The Brisk Young Lad.
There's Three Guid Fellows C K3,31 9/8
Tirip to the Lakes C K3,31 Obviously a typo: should read TRIP to the Lakes.
Top and Bottom G K3,28 ?Irish
Trip It Upstairs G K2,32 Irish
Trippers, The D K4,27 Aka My Lame Leg.
Two Penny Jig F K2,30 Irish
Ulster Boys A K3,25 ?Irish
Unfortunate Rake, The Em K1,38 Irish. In DMI it's called The Basket of Turf, with alternative titles including Bundle and Go and The Wee, Wee Man.
Up In the Mornin' Early G K3,32
Village Festival, The D K4,50 By Carl Volti (biog).
Voulez Vous Danser D K2v1,27 An antecedent of the popular French Canadian tune La Bastringue (?).
Warst Carle in the World, The D K3,28
Waterford Girls D K3,27 9/8 Irish
Weaver, The A K4,28
Wedding of Ballyporren G K1,41 Irish
Wee Pickle Tow, The A K1,31 Aka The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow. The title refers to spinning terms.
I've heard it said that this evolved into Out On the Ocean, a popular Irish jig (that from Jack Campin); I'm not 100% convinced. Recordings: Heritage, When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1980); Dundee Fiddler's Rally (1985)
Wee Wee Man, The G K1,32
Welshman From Whence, A G K3,29 [?Welsh]
Wha' Widna Fecht G K2,34 Aka Wha' Widna Fecht for Charlie and
Wha Saw the Forty-Second..
Wha'll Be King But Charlie D K1,32 Aka I Won't Do the Work (DunGreen Collection), Behind the Bush in the Garden (DMI) and Royal Charley. Recordings: Ron Gonella, Crieff Hydro (1981)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Am K1,28 The tune to a popular American Civil War song.
Whistle and I'll Come To You My Love, O D K1,33
Whistling Thief, The G K3,28
White Wings D K3,44
Widow Magee, The A K1,37
Widow Sloan C K3,30 Irish
Windmill, The G K3,30 Irish?
Wishing Well, The Am K4,26 Irish 9/8
Woo'd And Married And A' A K3,25 9/8. Aka My Mind Will Never Be "Aisy" Recordings: Whistlebinkies 4 (1985) (DMI).
Ye Friendly Stars That Rule... D K8,22 Irish
You Remember Ellen G K8,30 Irish
Young May Moon, The C
Yourself Along With Me Am K2,28 Sc/Irish. Aka Petticoats Loose (K2,30),
The Bonnie Highlander and Tie the Petticoat Tighter.