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K2v1-4 = Kerr's First/Second/Third/Fourth Collections of Merry Melodies  (More Info)
K2v5 = Kerr's Caledonian Collection  (More Info)
K2v6 = Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
K2v7 = Kerr's Collection of Reels and Strathspeys
K2v8 = Kerr's Violin Instructor and Irish Folk-Song Album
K2v9 = Kerr's Thistle Collection
K2v10 = Kerr's Modern Dance Album


All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 27th Sept, 2002

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Title Key Book   Notes
1st of May A K2v4p29
22nd of March G K2v3p37
Acrobat's Hornpipe A K2v3p38 There is another tune by the same name in Ryan's Mammoth Collection.
Albert's Hornpipe C K2v3p39
Albion Hornpipe G K2v3p37 By Carl Volti (biog).
Aldridge's Hornpipe A K2v2p38
American Boot Dance F K2v3p39
American Hornpipe A K2v2p38 ?American
Apples In Winter G K2v4p31
Aspinwall Hornpipe G K2v2p41
Attwood G K2v1p43 This is Charles Attwood by James Hill.
Attwood Hornpipe, The G K2v5p23 See above.
Balkan Hornpipe D K2v2p39
Bamford Hornpipe Bb K2v2p43
Beautiful Swanee River G K2v2p40 ?American
Beaux of Oak Hill D K2v2p36
Beaux of Oak Hill Hornpipe D K2v5p25
Belle of Claremont D K2v2p39
Belles of Rockland D K2v6p26
Bells of Rockland D K2v2p39
Blue Bell G K2v3p37
Blue Violit A K2v2p40 Clog, ?American
Bonaparte's Hornpipe A K2v4p29
Bottom of the Punch Bowl D K2v1p26
Break Down A K2v4p29
Bricklayer's Hornpipe F K2v2p37
Bristol Hornpipe, The A K2v1p44
Bryne's Favorite Hornpipe D K2v2p41 [Byrne's]
Burgess Hornpipe D K2v2p36
Butcher's Boy, The D K2v2p47
Clog, ?American
Byrne's Favorite Hornpipe D K2v2p41 Not the same tune as below.
Byrne's Hornpipe D K2v3p36
Cabin Down the Lane G K2v4p31
Caledonian Laddie D K2v2p32
Camp Hornpipe D K2v2p36
Carlton Hornpipe A K2v3p38
Celebrated Stop Hornpipe Bb K2v2p42
Centennial Hornpipe Bb K2v2p42
Champion Clog Dance, The C K2v6p29 Clog, American
Channel Fleet Hornpipe, The C K2v6p30 N Godfrey
City of Savannah D K2v2p39 By Frank Livingston, America.
Cliff Hornpipe, The D K2v1p44
Aka The Ruby Hornpipe, and possibly by James Hill.
Clog Dance I Am K2v6p19 Clog, American
Clog Dance II D K2v6p21 Clog, American
Clog Dance III A K2v1p45
Clog, American. This is reminiscent ofthe hornpipe better known as Off to California
Clog Dance IV A K2v4p29 Clog
Clog Hornpipe G K2v4p31
Clutha Hornpipe G K2v2p36
By By Carl Volti (biog).
College Hornpipe, The Bb K2v1p45 Aka The Sailor's Hornpipe (one of many). In DMI it's called Jack's the Lad.
College Hornpipe, The C K2v6p52
Colosseum, The A K2v1p42
Called The Pet of the House in DMI. Aka The Coliseum.
Concert Hornpipe, The F K2v2p42 Aka Coutt's Concert Hornpipe (see K2v6p29).
Constitution Hornpipe Bb K2v2p37
Cooper's Hornpipe D K2v2p38
Coquette Hornpipe G K2v2p39
Cork Hornpipe G K2v4p31
Corn Field G K2v4p31
Coquette, The F K2v2p44
Coutt's Concert Hornpipe F K2v6p29 Aka The Concert Hornpipe.
Craigpark D K2v4p30
Cuckoo's Nest, The D K2v4p30 NG: Aka Jackie Tar.
Kate Dunlay: Aka Jack o' Tar. This is a variant of the tune Come Ashore Jolly Tar found in James Aird's Airs... (1782). Certainly it is one of the earliest duple-time hornpipes.
Democratic Hornpipe Bb K2v2p42 Aka Galway Bay Hornpipe.
Devil's Dream A K2v4p29 Not the same tune as the reel of the same name (see K4p6).
Devy Hornpipe G K2v4p31 Recordings: Highland Whisky by Bill Black and his SC Band (as Davy Hornpipe).
Dew Drop G K2v6p30
Double Clog Dance G K2v2p46 Clog, American
Drunken Tailor, The Em K2v2p36 Very similar to the Irish reel The Drunken Landlady.
Dublin Hornpipe D K2v4p30
Dundee Hornpipe D K2v3p36 Aka The Union Hornpipe (K2v2p39) and Kildare Fancy (DMI).
Easter Saturday A K2v3p38
Durang's Hornpipe D K2v2p38
Durham Regatta Bb K2v3p40
Eclipse Hornpipe Bb K2v2p37 Recordings: Boys of the Lough, In the Tradition (1981)
Elk's Festival, The D K2v2p40
English Clog Hornpipe A K2v4p29 Clog, English
Face Me Up F K2v4p32
Falls of Clyde A K2v4p29
Fire Fly Hornpipe, The Bb K2v3p40
First of May A K2v4p29
Fisher's Hornpipe D K2v1p42
Fisher's Hornpipe (Duet) G K2v6p53
Flee As a Bird G K2v2p40 Clog. Recordings: Richard Thompson, Guitar, Vocal
Forecastle Hornpipe D K2v3p36 Also included in K2v2p39 as Hornpipe.
Gilsland's Hornpipe D K2v3p35
Gray's Hornpipe D K2v2p36
Griffin Hornpipe D K2v3p35
Hang Fire A K2v2p40 Clog
Hanover Square D K2v4p30
Harbour Lights G K2v4p31
Harlequin Am K2v4p32
Harry Bloodgood's Famous Jig Bb K2v2p43 Clog
Harvest Home D K2v1p42
Recordings: Pibroch MacKenzie, The Mull Fiddler (1969); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Prom (1980)
Headlight, The Bb K2v2p43 Clog
High Level Hornpipe Bb K2v2p44
By James Hill. Aka The High Level Bridge.
Hole in the Wall C K2v2p47 Clog, American
Horn Hornpipe, The Bb K2v3p40
Hornpipe I D K2v2p38
The first part is very like Fisher's Hornpipe (see K2v1p42).
Hornpipe II G K2v6p24 [Clutha] By Carl Volti (biog).
Hornpipe III Gm K2v6p25
Hornpipe IV G K2v1p30
This is The Rocket Hornpipe.
Hornpipe V Bb
Hornpipe VI G K2v2p40
Found in K2v2p40 as Qumdaro
Hornpipe VII D K2v1p26
Hornpipe VIII G K2v1p44
Hornpipe IX G K2v5p28
Hornpipe X D K2v1p26 This is best known as The Morpeth Rant.
Hornpipe XI G K2v1p42
Hornpipe XII G K2v1p43 This is The Thames Hornpipe (see K2v3p40).
Hornpipe XIII A K2v2p38
Hornpipe XIV D K2v2p39 This is Forecastle (see K2v3p36).
Hornpipe XV Bb K2v2p44
Hornpipe XVI Bb K2v2p44
Hornpipe XVII Bb K2v2p44
Hough Green A K2v3p38
Hugh Dunlop D K2v3p36 Hugh Dunlop composed some tunes included in the Kerr's collections; see Jessie Ralston's in K2v2p20.
Idlewild D K2v2p47 Clog, American
Irish Hornpipe Am K2v5p28 J McC (McConnel)
Jack's Delight D K2v1p45
Jacky Tar I Em K2v1p45
Aka The Cuckoo's Nest. Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1975); Golden Fiddle Awards (1981)
Jacky Tar II C K2v7p28 This is better known as The College Hornpipe.
Jaunting Car Hornpipe, The D K2v2p41
Johnny Get Your Gun A K2v4p29
Johnnie Knocked Over His Uncle G K2v1p45 D Williams
Jolly Butchers, The D K2v3p35 Aka The Tailor's Twist. Recordings: Boys of the Lough, In the Tradition (1981) (as The Tailor's Twist)
Jolly Tars F K2v4p32
Key West Hornpipe G K2v2p41
Kind Dearie Bb K2v4p32 Aka The Lea Rig and My Ain Kind Dearie.
Knocking Hornpipe G K2v2p45
Lamplighter's Hornpipe, The A
Landlubber, The C K2v3p39
Lark On the Strand, The Am K2v4p32
Life Boat, The F K2v4p32
Lime Street G K2v4p31
Liverpool Hornpipe D K2v1p42
Recordings:Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980)
Locomotive Hornpipe, The D K2v1p43
By James Hill.
London Bridge D K2v1p44
Londonderry D K2v3p36 Recordings: Glasgow Caledonians (1980)
Magic Flute F K2v2p37
Manchester Hornpipe, The D K2v1p43
Aka The Sailor's Hornpipe No.2 and Rickett's Hornpipe (both DMI).
Marshall Hill's Hornpipe Bb K2v2p43
Millicent's Favourite D K2v1p44
Aka The Royal Belfast, The Sweep's Hornpipe (DMI). Actually titled Millicen's Favourite.
Minstrel's Fancy, The D K2v2p40
Miss Brown D K2v2p36
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe G K2v1p26
Aka Dan Cameron's Favourite, and Sailor's Hornpipe No.1 in O'Neill's.
Montgomerie's Hornpipe D K2v2p38
Month of May G K2v3p37
Morton's Hornpipe G K2v2p36
Mountain Ranger Bb K2v2p44
Murphy's Hornpipe D K2v4p30 Cornphíopa Uí Mhurchadha in CRE1.
Natal Day, The G K2v3p37
Navvie, The G K2v1p42
Aka The Navvie on the Line, and composed by James Hill. Recordings:Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980)
Ned Kendall's Hornpipe F K2v2p42
Negro Break Down III G K2v4p31 This is better known these days as The Banjo Breakdown
New York Hornpipe A K2v3p38
Newcastle Hornpipe, The C K2v5p26 Aka Prince Albert's Hornpipe, and composed by James Hill. Recordings: Angus Chisholm, Early Recordings (1978)
Newcastle, The Bb K2v1p46
News Boys F K2v2p44
Norfolk Hornpipe G K2v2p41
Oakland Garden C K2v2p47 Clog, American
Ohio A K2v4p29
Old Ironsides G K2v2p40
Old Man's Dance, The Am K2v2p46
Oxford Street D K2v4p30
Paddock, The G K2v4p31
Pall Mall D K2v4p30 Recordings: Highland Whisky by Bill Black and his SD Band.
Phil Isaac's A K2v2p47 Clog
Poorhouse D K2v4p30 This is widely known in the U.S. as Arkansas Traveller
Portland Hornpipe, The F K2v2p37
By Carl Volti (biog).
President Garfield's Hornpipe Bb K2v2p42 By Harry Carleton. Recordings: Angus Chisholm, Early Recordings
Quarter Deck D K2v3p36
Qumdaro G K2v2p40
Racket Hornpipe C K2v3p39
Recruit, The D K2v1p42
Rights of Man, The Em K2v4p31
Some people think this might have been composed by James Hill. Recordings: Bill Black and his Band, Highland Whisky (1976).
Rival, The G K2v2p39
Robertson's Hornpipe Bb K2v2p37
Roche Hornpipe D K2v3p35
Rocket Hornpipe, The G K2v6p27 [Hornpipe V]
Royal Belfast D K2v5p24 [Millicent's Fav]
Sailor's Hornpipe I G K2v7p28 Better known as Fisher's Hornpipe
Sailor's Hornpipe II C K2v6p52 Better known as The College Hornpipe
Sailor's Hornpipe III A K2v4p29
Salamanca D K2v1p45
Sand Dance A K2v4p29 American?
Saratoga Hornpipe F K2v2p42
Scotch Hornpipe D K2v2p38
Sentinel Hornpipe, The D K2v2p41
Seven Up G K2v2p39
Sharp's Hornpipe D K2v4p30
Sherwood Rangers, The D K2v1p43 Aka Duran Rangers. Recordings:Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980)
Silver Star Hornpipe G K2v2p41
Slow Hornpipe G K2v1p43
Smith's Hornpipe D K2v2p36
Soho D K2v4p30
Star Hornpipe C K2v5p27
Staten Island D K2v1p21 Jack Campin: Maybe this relates to the one in New York harbour, but there is another Staten Island near Cape Horn that might have been well-known to sailors. Aka Burns' Hornpipe. Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1975); Golden Fiddle Awards (1981)
Steam Boat, The G K2v1p26 By James Hill. Recorded by Mulhaire, Connolly and Coen as The Good Natured Man.
Strand, The G K2v4p31
Swansea Hornpipe G K2v2p39
Tank, The Bb K2v4p32
Telegraph Post, The C K2v4p32
Thames Hornpipe, The Bb
Thorp Haywood's Hornpipe C K2v5p27
Three Times Three F K2v4p32
Tide Come In, The Gm K2v3p40 Aka Factory Smoke.
Tom Howards Hornpipe A K2v1p44
Trill Hornpipe Bb K2v3p40
Triplet Hornpipe G K2v2p38
Trumpet Hornpipe G K2v1p45 Also known these days as Captain Pugwash because it was used as the theme tune for a UK children's TV programme. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
Trumpet Hornpipe, The G K2v5p25
Union Hornpipe D K2v2p39 Aka The Dundee Hornpipe, The Kildare Fancyand The Pantomaime. Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.)
Upper Denton D K2v3p35
Vendome Hornpipe F K2v2p43 Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.)
Violetta Hornpipe F K2v2p42
Virginia Hornpipe I F K2v3p39
Virginia Hornpipe II Bb K2v4p32
Wade Hampton's Hornpipe Bb K2v2p42 By Frank Livingstone, American.
Washington Bb K2v1p46
Washington Hornpipe, The A K2v5p26
Waterloo Hornpipe D K2v3p36
Wedding Day F K2v3p39
Welsh Hornpipe, A G K2v1p45
West's Hornpipe D K2v1p45
Wests Hornpipe D K2v5p25
Whiddon's Hornpipe Bb K2v2p43
Whipple's Hornpipe Bb K2v2p37
Whitstable G K2v3p37
Willie Donaldson's Hornpipe G K2v3p38 By Hugh Dunlop
Wonder, The Bb K2v1p46
Possibly by James Hill.
Woods Hornpipe G K2v2p39
Wright's Hornpipe D K2v3p35
Yankee Doodle I (Duet) G K2v6p53
Yankee Doodle II C K2v2p46
Young Glasgow A K2v6p31
Zig-Zag Hornpipe G K2v3p37