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K2v1-4 = Kerr's First/Second/Third/Fourth Collections of Merry Melodies  (More Info)
K2v5 = Kerr's Caledonian Collection  (More Info)
K2v6 = Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
K2v7 = Kerr's Collection of Reels and Strathspeys
K2v8 = Kerr's Violin Instructor and Irish Folk-Song Album
K2v9 = Kerr's Thistle Collection
K2v10 = Kerr's Modern Dance Album


All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 8th June, 2002

Title Key Book   Notes
Apple Praties Am K2v1p41 Irish. Sounds like a song.
Arran Boat, The Em K2v1p47
Arran Lilt, An Em K2v1p47
Blackbird, The D K2v1p41 Irish. A rather different setting is given in DMI in the Set Dance section.
Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond G K2v3p45
Cam' Ye By Athol G K2v3p45
Dark Haired Youth, The G K2v1p48
Enniskilling Dragoon, The G K2v1p41 Irish. Most likely a corruption of Enniskillen. Sounds like a song.
Four Marys, The G K2v3p48
Gaelic Air, A I G K2v1p26 2/4 march
Gaelic Air, A II G K2v1p48
Gentle Dark Eyed Mary G K2v1p48
In the Garb of Old Gaul G K2v3p46
Irish Molly O Am K2v1p41 Irish.
John Grumlie D K2v3p44 This is an air to the song of the same name.
Kelvin Grove G K2v3p41
Lochaber No More G K2v3p47 The Irish tune Lament for Limerick shares a common origin with this. According to Bruce Olson, "...it seems fairly certain that it's Irish. In the Leyden MS, 1692, it's "King James March to Ireland", and later it's found as "Limbrick's Lamentation", "[Since] Celia's my Foe" (replacing the original Irish tune for Duffett's song of 1676]. "Limerick's Lament" in the Skene MS..."
Recordings: Boys of the Lough, The Piper's Broken Finger (1976)
Mary Young and Fair G K2v1p48 Aka Mairi Bhan Og.
O'er the Hills and Far Awa' G K2v3p47
Shores of Amerikay, The Am K2v1p41 This seems to be Star of the County Down.
Shule Agra Am K2v1p41
Skye Boat Song G K2v3p45 Aka Over the Sea to Skye.
White Wings D K2v3p44