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Scottish/Irish Tunes

Latest update: 8th July 2012

Scottish/Irish Tunes: Reels

CRE: Ceol Rince na hEireann
DMI: O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland (1907)
OMI: O'Neill's Music of Ireland ()
MFI: Bulmer & Sharpley, Music From Ireland, 4 vols (c1970s)
NF: The Northern Fiddler
K2v1-4: Kerr's Merry Melodies
Ryan: Ryan's Mammoth Collection

Cat In the Corner, The   DMI,129. This is found in Scotland as Lady Charlotte Murray's Favourite and was composed by Niel Gow. It is found later in DMI as O'Mahony's Frolics and elsewhere in Ireland as Puss in the Corner.
Game Cock, The   CRE4,62. This slide, also entitled An Coileach Comhraic, is a version of the strathspey Captain Francis Wemyss (see K2v3p3). Jackie Daly plays the same tune as a reel on 'Buttons and Bows' (Green Linnet) and calls it The Bog Carrot.
Jolly Corkonian, The   DMI,87. This seems to be version of the popular Scottish pipe jig The Hills of Glenorchy.
Kiss the Maid Behind the Byre  
Maho Snaps, The   Played by Mick Hoy on Hidden Fermanagh, and by The Boys of the Lough on Sweet Rural Shade. Also in the book Hidden Fermanagh. This is a version of the Scottish jig Dumfries House by John Riddell (see Kerr's Merry Melodies Bk2p34).
Mick Duggan's Slide   Can be heard on Matt Cranitch's record 'Give It Schtick'. This is a 12/8 version of Scott Skinner's quickstep The Lovat Scouts which has also been used for the melody of the Dundee song The Back o' Reres Hill.
Off To the Hunt   DMI,14. Known in Scotland as Kissed Yestreen, or O As I Was Kissed Yestreen (see Kerr's Merry Melodies Bk1p31)
Tailor's Thimble, The   DMI,91. Known in Scotland as Banks of the Allan, (see Kerr's Merry Melodies Bk1p31). Also found as Rothiemurchus Daughter in the Gesto Collection.

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